Monday, November 7, 2011

~ Our First Candle Night ~

It has been rainy for the past few days and we were truly blessed with a good weather at the Candle Night event last Saturday! It was a special night as we met up with Andy and Johnny's family. The entire gang (especially the kiddos) had so much fun together!

We arrived early at the Merlion Park where crowds already gathered at the Candle Kiosk to pick up their recyclable materials for the lantern making. The sample lanterns are so pretty and creative made in different shapes and designs!

Denver & Gladys also picked up their coloured papers, tapes, scissor, stickers and worked on their own lanterns.

Our dear friends arrived shortly and everybody stayed together to make lanterns.  The children were laughing, playing with markers and chit-chatting while Daddies and Mommies' hands were tight helping out with the snip snapping and sticking.

Mission accomplished! Here are our lanterns!
Thanks to Meifeng for taking such a nice photo of myself!

Special Thanks to Juliana who is in a pretty kimono for the invite and also giving the children sweet chocolate treats! Arigato Gozaimashita!

The sun is setting and its time to gather around the Merlion to light up our lanterns.

Not easy to take a group photo of the children together. :p Girls in the center, boys at the side.

Light up time and we are ready for the Candle Parade! Remember to take your own lanterns!

Various light features can be found displayed around the park as we took part in the parade. It was a pretty candle night indeed.

Chloe and Gladys - our two lovely and pretty angels.

A cooling and breezy night at the Merlion Park.

Thanks to Andy for this beautiful group photo taken in our first ever Candle Night event!

 Our family photo - thanks to Andy again ^_^
After the Candle Night event, the 3 families decided to have dinner/supper at Lau Pa Sat. It was another round of fun as we walked along Marina Bay to the festive market. It just feel like we are having a mini night school tour, doing headcounting to make sure none of the children got lost. The children enjoyed the Candle Night event, the food but most importantly each other's company.

Catch Andy's family coverage of the Candle Night event here! We hope to be able to do this again next time!


Leone Fabre said...

Fabulous, fabulous photos of a wonderful evening!!!

Thanks for sharing.


Phoebe said...

Hi Leone,

Thanks! I enjoyed looking at your photos for the event too! Everyone had a good time.

Have a good week ahead. ^_^


FoodieFC said...

Ha guess what, I thought this was 'Our first Candle Light' (dinner)

Phoebe said...

Opps! Hahahaha.. At least it helped to attract some attention. ^_^

Many people dining at the nearby resturant did have a Candle Light dinner by the bay. hehehe


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