Monday, October 7, 2013

~ Sponsored Review - Assessment of Eyelet Junior & Zeiss MyoVision ~

Two weeks ago, Denver & Gladys collected their new pair of Eyelet Junior glasses. Adam assisted the kids to make final adjustments, provided information on eye-care tips and advice our kiddos how to take care of their glasses.
The glasses came in nice boxes and learning how to keep them is a technique too. :) With proper guidance, the children were able to tug their new glasses in nicely.
Eyelet Junior's unique box case. Trendy and easy to carry.

Denver is definitely a happy customer. :)

Eyelet Junior has listed a couple of advantages over the normal frames which I find them very important and informative when choosing a proper eye wear. 

Denver & Gladys have put their new glasses to test and here's the verdict.

I always have a serious concern with Gladys not wearing her old pairs of glasses properly. The spectacles were always off position and slipping off from her nose bridge. She was not looking through the lens and does not look pretty in photographs. I was constantly nagging at her and helping her to push her glasses up. We tried a few alternatives, including attaching rubber at the ends of the temples but it did not help. 

The Eyelet Junior frames sits nicely on Gladys' face and she is finally looking through the lens when she is doing her homework, watching TV programmes or reading. Gladys looks more refresh and prettier in photographs. We can finally say goodbye to her 'granny' look and put a stop to our long-winded nagging. Their new glasses are looking great, and it stays in position even when they are running or doing sports.

(Random shot taken before the kids head off to school. )
Denver loves to read a lot. Unfortunately in an incorrect position. Most of the time, he can be found lying on his bed, reading. With Zeiss MyoVision, the peripheral vision will be slightly blurred while the central vision is sharp. That seems of put a stop to our boy's bad reading habit. After observing for some time, I found him actually sitting, instead of lying down to read! The discomfort of seeing the blurred vision at the side of the lens seems to be putting him off and forcing him to correct his position on his own accord. This is very encouraging and I am definitely delighted. ^_^

While a good pair of glasses may help in preventing myopia from rising. It is also very important to impart good eye-care tips to our children. 

Here are some great tips. (Information extracted from Health Promotion Board)
1. Encourage Outdoor Play. - Spending time daily on outdoor activities help to delay the progression of myopia. 
2. Reduce time spent on near work. - Encourage your child to take a break after 30-40 minutes by looking at something far or going out for a walk
3. Distance between the eyes and the book should be ~30cm.
4. Ensure environment is well-lit.
5. Discourage reading in bed and in moving vehicles.
6. Computer screen should be ~50cm from the eyes.
7. Height of the TV should be at or below the eye level.
8. Adopt a balance diet and healthy lifestyle habits to engage children actively in physical activity.
9. Go for regular eye-checks

*Special thanks to Nanyang Optical for providing our kiddos an opportunity and alternative to help them fight and control their myopia.

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