Sunday, October 6, 2013

~ 2012 Manila Trip - Day 2 ~

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts will be opening its outlet in Tangs Orchard Singapore soon. We were lucky to be able to savour them in the Philippines first. Gladys, being a die-hard fan for doughnuts, never misses to spot the shop. During the Christmas season, the doughnuts came in Santa Claus, Gingerbread Man and Christmas Tree design. 

For those who love their doughnuts to be very sweet, this is definitely your pick. Another 'specialty' available in Krispy Kreme is their lovely paper hats. We never fail to get one for the kids and I wonder if these will also be available at the new store in Singapore. :)

After washing up and having a delightful breakfast at the hotel, we walked out and took a bus near the train station. It was our first attempt taking the public transport and it was loud and chaotic. The buses started to horn when they were arriving. The conductor on the bus touted loudly, giving signals to the potential commuters at the stops to see if they are taking the ride. Since we are newbies, we aren't quite sure which bus to take. Based on the destination notice hanging on the bus's windscreen and from the shouts of the conductor, we managed to hop onto the right bus. 

Based on the destination, we were issued a paper ticket which looks like the old bus tickets I used to collect when I was a child. The bus was air-conditioned and it has a small TV at the front, screening movies to keep the commuters entertained. :) As we were travelling, you can see street sellers hawking between the roads. 

We were so engrossed with the movie on board that we almost missed our stop! Lucky for us, the big globe and signboard of SM Mall of Asia has prompted us to alight immediately. 

Philippines and world's third largest mall, MOA hasn't changed much since our last visit. Christmas decorations filled the mall and we can spend the entire day shopping.

Despite being in a foreign land, Gladys was not afraid to participate in games when there's an opportunity.

Power Rangers Meet & Greet Session

Lots of dining options within MOA. 

We were eating and drinking along the way as we shopped. 

Halo-Halo, Filipino's famous local dessert is a Must Try. The combination is sweet and refreshing. The other dessert items on the menu never fail to tempt us from ordering more.  

Denver finally fulfilled his wish to visit the Science Discovery Center (located within MOA). He was deeply disappointed when we missed it the other time. More details on whats inside the Discovery Center in our next post. :) 

While the children spent nearly 2 hours at the Science Discovery Center, the sun has already set. We did not realised there was a night parade and the children were in for another treat!

Free reindeer hats were given away (on first come first serve basis). Gladys cried and threw a tantrum when she did not receive one. A kind-hearted soul gave her one which brought a smile back onto her face.

The entertainment and night life outside Mall Of Asia was just as happening particularly during the Christmas season. Check out the outdoor game activities at the open space area, near the sea. Traffic was very congested during peak hours. We were prepared to have a longer and harder time getting back to the hotel. 

The main highlight was the 3 minutes fireworks display. Seems like it was still on-going and scheduled on every Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm during our visit. 

Mall of Asia - Shopping, Dining and Entertainment all under one roof. A great place to visit in Manila.

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