Sunday, October 20, 2013

~ International Buffet Lunch @ Sakura ~

Being bigger eaters, we tend to have a preference on buffet style dining. Children also love to move around the restaurant and pick their food instead of solely looking from the menu. However, it's not easy to find value-for-money dining for our family and we have to be selective depending on the price and food variety.

It's been a few years since we last visited Sakura. There was a lunch promotion offer and we decided to revisit the restaurant. Like other International Buffet, Sakura serves Japanese, Western and Oriental food. Popping by the F&B outlet at Dhoby Ghaut Green, the restaurant is slightly smaller compared to the ones at Yio Chu Kang and Downtown East. However, the variety of food available on the buffet line is not compromised and considered satisfactory.

We began our feast at the appetizers section. Sashimi, mussels, salad and the freshly-prepared sushi made our day. I always love to see a good range of sushi platter available at the counter and I wasn't disappointed.

Love the idea of having the egg roll as this is Gladys' favourite. She does not need to eat the entire sushi to fill her tummy just for the Tamago. 

Personally, I am not a great fan of Teppanyaki but usually we will order some beef, prawn and salmon fish to complete our dining experience.

The main entrees would be the cooked food, tempura and dim sum selection. 

I love the way they serve the chicken. Very personalized and appetizing. 

Desserts is what we always looked forward to! Remember to save some tummy space for the mouth-watering cheesecakes, eclairs, cream puff, jelly, mochi and more! Their ice-cream is a must take as Sakura serves Ben & Jerry's ice-cream!

Random snap shots of the food we had. 

Nice & satisfactory lunch at Sakura. 


Renuka said...

Wow! The food looks good! So much of variety!

Phoebe said...

Yup. Its pretty tempting with buffets :)

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