Wednesday, October 30, 2013

~ Its Open House Day @ Sengkang and Pasir Ris Sports & Recreational Centre

Last Saturday, Sengkang SRC opened its doors to the public. Apart from free entry to the gym and swimming pool, there were also free coaching and try-outs of over 10 different sports! I signed up for the early bird membership and received 10 complimentary passes to gyms and pools islandwide. :)

Lucky for us, we happened to be at the complex as the children were having their swimming lessons. That means free entry to the pool! The kids were distracted most of the time and could not wait to visit the sports stations after their lessons. Each child was issued a Play Pass where they can collect a stamp for each sport trial that they attempted. You can redeem a free gift with a minimum of 5 stamps.
 Popcorn and candy floss stations always attract a queue and its a favourite among children. 

Meet Nila - the lovely mascot for Singapore National Games 2012!

There were also other filler activities around the SRC. Mini golf, snake and ladder were also set up for the children to play.

Nila made its way to the pool to support the lifeguards in their life-saving demonstration to the crowd. It was very well received and we also met the water-polo boys. :)
Apart from the games and finger food, Denver & Gladys enjoyed trying out the various sports activities most. They went round the complex for hockey, futsal, table-tennis, basketball and badminton.

Seeing the coaches guiding the children how to hold the racket correctly, how to serve and play the game was very encouraging. It was the first time our kiddos played by the table-tennis table and they were able to hit one or two balls under the coach's guidance. 

If you have missed the Open House at Sengkang SRC last weekend, there is another Open House at Pasir Ris Sports & Recreational Centre on 10th November 2013 (Sunday), 10am - 7pm. 

Check out their facebook page for more informtion. :)

Check out Sengkang SRC for more photos of the past Open House event.

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Dreamycat said...

Looks fun! Hopefully, we can go to the Pasir Ris one.
Thanks for sharing about it!
(I had been reading your blog for a long while..only start to post a comment now. ^^)

Phoebe said...

Hi Dreamycat,

thank you for dropping a note on our blog. Love to see comments coming in. I hope you had loads of fun at the Open House! ^_^

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