Thursday, October 10, 2013

~ Bibimbap Buffet at The Corner Place Korean BBQ ~

Lately, my family developed an interest in Korean food. Whether it is BBQ, grilled or hotpot, we cannot resist the temptations digging into the spicy rice cakes, kimchi and slices of juicy meat accompanied with the leafy lettuces! One of the dishes which I have been contemplating for awhile is Bibimbap

Bibimbap (meaning "mixed rice") is served with seasoned vegetables, raw egg and slices of meat (usually beef) on top of the warm white rice. The ingredients are then stirred together thoroughly and evenly in the bowl before eating. I am always very curious how the taste would be like and finally seized an opportunity last Sunday. 

 The Corner Place Korean BBQ, a korean cuisine restaurant located at Marina Square offers Bibimbap lunch buffet at $8.80++.  Hubby and I were hesitating, considering whether it will be value for money as we will be potentially stuffing ourselves with rice! Nevertheless, we gave it a try.

The Bibimbap lunch buffet includes all the cooked food items displayed at the counter area, plus free-flow of rice and soup. Drinks are not inclusive and we have to top up and additional price to enjoy the free flow of drinks.
Assorted seasoned vegetables to put onto our rice. Beansprout, corn, kimchi etc. Looks pretty healthy to me.

Even if we looked totally clueless on what to do, there is a step by step instruction menu to guide us on making our very own bibimbap.

Final touch up with some sesame oil and their special bibimbap sauce. The colours are so appetizing! 
 Hubby's VS Wifey Bibimbap. Mine definitely looked prettier. :)
After topping up with a fried sunny side egg, give your rice a good stir and start digging in! The fragrant aroma from the sesame oil was brilliant. Even Denver succumbed to the taste after taking his first bite. Earlier, he was sulking away when he saw the trays of vegetables at the buffet counter, trusting that it will be a yucky lunch. His perception took a 360 degrees turn when the bibimbap actually tasted better than he expected.
 The children enjoyed their free-flow of crackers supply.
 Fried glass noodles - One of my personal favourite

 The seaweed soup tasted great too. Lots of seaweed within and we had a few bowls to satisfy our tummies.

Denver had 2 bowls of bibimbap before he calls it for the day. Total satisfaction on his face. :)

For $8.80++ (~$11) is a little pricey for us to dine as a family considering adults probably can only go for 2 or 3 rounds of bibimbap. It's less value for money for children since they usually go for a bowl or 2 only. Its a greater pity that drinks are not inclusive else it will be more encouraging for us. To make up for it, the taste and service was satisfying.

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