Wednesday, October 2, 2013

~ Build It & Play It with BERG ~

Last Sunday, our family had the opportunity to attend an event at the People Association's headquarters. It was a fun-filled morning as we got a lot of information of the new and current courses which are available for children and adults. One of such activities is building life-size models. 

 Berg Lifestyle - Singapore's 1st Pedal Go-Kart sport, are holding workshops with People Association where children get to learn, build and play with these models. It aims to help them to develop fine motor skills and balance, problem-solving and spatial, understanding, creativity, teamwork and confidence.  

Thanks to their teacher, Denver & Gladys were able to exercise their brains and hands, to fix up a chopper! 

Check out the materials (brought in from Europe) needed to build their life-size model. 
Each model came with an instructional step-by-step manual for the children to follow.

Time to build and fix the parts together with your team mates. This is where you put your observation and problem-solving skill to test. The construction of the model will be affected if any one section is built incorrectly. Team-work and communication with your members is crucial to facilitate and enhance the entire building process making it enjoyable.  

The end product is truly rewarding because after spending so much effort and time, you get to ride and play with it! The kids took turns to push the chopper across the hallway while the other one took the driver seat.
Gladys sitting nicely on the Chopper! Vroom Vroom! Time to go for a ride. 
The children loved the speed!
Other available designs - Dino Bird and Scooter.

 From the building to playing, the entire process encompasses a lot of fun and bonding opportunities. 

Course Code : MASS320 - MASS322 (Build it & Play it! Chopper, Scooter or Dino-Bird)
Suitable for children age 7 to 12 
Duration : 1 session x 2 hours
Course Fee : $40 (Member), $50 (Non-Member)

Check out PA website for more information.

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