Saturday, October 2, 2010

~ Play area at Courts Megastore ~

Happy Children's Day! Hubby and I took the children out to the Courts Megastore - the largest Courts outlet in Singapore after dinner.

Apart from the furniture, electrical appliances, home entertainment stuff that you will usually find, what else is within the 3 storey megastore that can keep the kiddos happy?

Parents can drop their kids at the WizKidz Corner located at level 1 (near escalator), where there are computer stations to keep the children entertained while parents shop at ease. Entrance is free and we put Denver at WizKids for the next 1 hour after showing his student pass and registering at the counter.

How about Gladys? Since she is a bit too young for WizKidz, we took her up to The Box Bistro (at level 2). After renovation, they now have a small play area for young children (height 90-130cm). You'll need to dine at The Box Bistro (minimum charge of $10) prior to letting your kids enter for the next 1 hour.

We sat down, ordered our food and Gladys has already wandered off playing. :) The play area may not be very big but parents can dine in peace while watching them having fun. Upon entering, there is a little corner with books, toys and tables & chairs for colouring. Moving to the back, it is the running and climbing ground (war zone) with the mini ball pool and slide.

With both the kids being 'taken care' of, Hubby and I get to sit down, enjoy our meal peacefully and walk around the store for awhile before picking them up. The children enjoyed themselves and I'm pretty sure they know where to have fun the next time they visit Courts Megastore. ^_^


ilovepink1078 said...

very creative and it seems they really enjoy doing their art works.

Phoebe said...

Yup. It is good for the parents too since the kids are occupied with activities. :)

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