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~ Past Holiday Experiences 10 - Hong Kong - Macau May 2007 (Day 3) ~

2nd June - Day 3: This is a very rush 1 day trip to Macau (澳門) and it might have been better if we have stay for a night. Quite an amount of time has been taken on travelling and we actually only have about half a day left after all the hassle. We took a ferry early in the morning and arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal. Since this is our first visit, we are quite unfamiliar with the routes. Luckily, we managed to take a bus and reached Senado Square.

Upon reaching the square, you can see the pavement are paved with wave-patterned mosaic of coloured stones. This is a traditional style of Portuguese pavement which is very neat and beautiful. (Macau was a Portuguese colony and later handover to China in 1999.)

You can also see the Portuguese style architecture with a modern sense as well as some historic buildings (St. Dominic’s Church, Leal Senado, General Post Office etc).

We walked around the streets and had a quick lunch. It would have been nice to stay longer and shop around but we are really tight on schedule and had to take a bus to our next destination - A-Ma Temple.(妈阁庙) - Note:  Maritime Museum is located right across the temple.

A-Ma Temple is an old Taoist temple and we brought our inlaws here for prayers.

Moving on, we headed back to the Fisherman's Wharfs (澳門漁人碼頭). There is a theme park with some kiddy rides where Denver finally gets a chance to have some fun after following us for the whole day so far.

The entire place is very big.. so much so that we didn't know where we are going or start from. There is a Tang Dynasty Fortress which I'm not sure what's inside. Right beside it is the 40m high Vulcania which erupts every evening.

Alladin's Fort is where the children's rides are and we hit the jackpot going in the right direction. :)

There are only a few simple rides mainly for the younger children but it is enough to keep Denver happy. I wonder if it is due to the hot weather or we have come to visit at the super low peak period. There are not many people around and no children queuing for the rides.

Roman Amphitheatre, an outdoor Colosseum where performances are held.

A nice view of Macau Harbour from the Fisherman's Wharf. I can imagine it should look very scenic too in the night with the lights.

Empty streets along the Legend Wharf where the shops are.

One of the must-do thing in Macau is going to the Casino. Unfortunately, Hubby & I didn't get to go in since we are with the kids.

 New Yaohan is a deparmental store that is very near to the ferry terminal. We gave that a miss too since we are catching the evening ferry back to Hong Kong.

Yes, it has been a very short 'trip' in Macau and we probably did not have a good chance/time to really appreciate and enjoy more of it's culture and food. Nevertheless, we have left our little footprints and catch a glimsp of it's beauty.

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