Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ i Light Marina Bay - Walk Route 2 ~

We continued our walk from Marina Bay Sands after having a little rest. The night continues to get hotter and hotter, but we walked on.

Denver had some fun walking through the glass panels as the lights goes on and off and I really love the Singapore skyline in the night.

Where is Gladys? She is hiding somewhere within the colourful cubes. Parents better make sure to keep an eye on the younger children as they can get easily get lost in the night.

Along the way there will be people giving out brochures to the public with regards to the different light art installations along Marina Bay. It is a shame that the dim lights around makes it pretty hard to read the details.

Plastic bottles with diodes within giving out blinking green lights. Does it looks like Fire Flies from afar?

We finally made our way to the Promontory! Welcome to the Public Garden where you will see lighted trees, plant-like lighted sculptures. Many people have seated within the open space probably admiring the entire landscape and beautiful skyline.

We did not have a chance to go into the womb of this art piece since there was a guided tour at that time and people are queuing to get in. I wonder what's inside.. Darkness? or Light?

Gladys - out of curiosity, ran into the 'forbidden' area of this art display and disrupted a few photographers from taking a good picture. :) She must be attracted to the pretty changing lights.

A huge flower vase within our Singapore Garden. :)

Care to take a rest? You won't miss this one within the dark since it is brightly lighted. BUT... we'll have to wait since there are many people waiting to take a picture with this futuristic chair made of acrylic sheets.

They called this a whirlpool to give the illusion of water draining away. I thought it looks like a chess set. Hehehehe.

The Living! Project.. This one is interesting. Made of thousands of recycled plastic cups and lighted by low energy LED. From the website, it is said that this art piece will grow and the community is encouraged to add to the installation everyday and they are expecting to make use of 30, 000 used plastic cups! I wonder how tall it will grow on the final day!

It has been a really long walk! We took 2 hours to complete both walk routes and although we didn't catch every single art installations, it was amazing. Denver and Gladys were totally exhausted and their treat for being such a good sport is ....... ICE-CREAM! Their motivation factor to complete the walk and reach the ending point. ^_^

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