Saturday, October 9, 2010

~ Past Holiday Experiences 10 - Hong Kong May 2007 (Day 1) ~

Thanks to the itinerary I drafted for our Hongkong trip a few years ago, I managed to recall this trip pretty well. :) We went for a 5D4N trip to Hongkong + Macau with my in-laws during the hotter month during the June holidays.

31st May - We took our maiden flight on Jetstar from Singapore to Hong Kong early in the morning and arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport before noon time. (Total flight time is less than 4 hours from Singapore to Hong Kong).

Since Hubby and I are pretty familiar with Hong Kong, we make our way to the hotel - Mayfair Garden Hotel. (Now known as Largos Hotel). Apart from pricing and having a preference with staying in Kowloon, another important criteria we consider is it's proximity to the MTR stations. Mayfair Garden is strategically located near Jordan MTR which is very near to the night markets, shops, tourist attraction and commerical areas. Only 5 mins walking distance to the MTR and a few stations away to Hong Kong Island.

HK MTR System Map:

After settling down at the hotel, we went down to a nearby eatery (茶餐廳) to have our lunch before taking the train to Central MTR. We will be visiting The Peak (山頂) this evening. After exiting the station, it will take about 15-20 mins walk to the tram station. Along the way, you can enjoy seeing some of the skyscapers located in the Central district.

We purchased the tram tickets and queue up for the ride. :) As the tram moves slowly and steeply up to the top, you can get a head start to enjoy the beautiful city skyline of Hong Kong. 

Apart from the scenic view, the Peak also offers various dining and shopping experiences. We only window-shop around since most of the items tends to be a bit more pricy and we can probably get a better price at the other night markets/malls.

Since we still have quite a fair bit of time before sun set, we visited the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong which exhibits over 100 local and international celebrity wax figures. Visitors get a chance to take photos with their idols (actors/actress, pop stars, sports stars, politcal figures etc) all together in one place. Get your cameras and batteries ready if you are coming here as you will be busy posing and snapping pictures. :)

Towards evening, it's time to go up to the sky terrace to have a look at the panoramic view of Hong Kong as the sun starts to set. By now, there are already many tourists and locals at the terrace. It is a great place to take group/family photos with the enchanting skyline as the backdrop. The only challenge is finding a good spot since many already had their professional cameras all set up.

In my opinion, the best time to visit The Peak is around late afternoon to evening time so you get to see the setting sun and the beautiful lights as the sky darkens. In the November/December months, it is extremely cooling and enjoying the breeze at the top is also a pleasure.


LuPorTi said...

The wax figure!
It looks really alike!
If you post only the photo without writing the description, I think I will think those people are real!

Phoebe said...

hehee.. Yup. Most are really well made. We didn't pose very well with the wax figures. :) looked very 'stone'. :)

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