Saturday, October 2, 2010

~ Make it a Happee Day for Children with Cancer ~

As parents, we all hope to see our children spend their childhood happily, grow up and be in good health. Unfortunately, there is also a group of children who are battling with cancer every single day. They too wish to live normally and happily like other children, but aren't as fortunate. Families with cancer patients are also facing the long, hard battle as it takes a lot of strain and toil from them both physical and financially.

Mother, Inc (By Mommy Daphne) has worked with the Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation to organize a mini carnival at the Hort Park on 31st October (Sunday). Apart from raising some funds, it also helps to bring some cheers and joy to the little children.

If you wish to contribute, here's how:

- Join in the event on 31st Oct! (Be a volunteer or you can bring your kids too!)
- Help to donate to the Children Cancer's Foundation
- Spread the word and help publicize this event! (on Facebook, Twitter, personal blog etc)

For more information, please visit Mommy Daphne's blog:


LuPorTi said...

The children are really unfortunate. We, as a fortunate people, should really support this kind of event!

Phoebe said...

Yes. Very often we take things for granted.. (even for the simplest things).

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