Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~ Cebu Manila Trip - Day 5 @ Cebu ~

1st Dec 09

7:00am : Our Final Day in Cebu and it will be Free & Easy. Today we will be hanging out at the malls. Since we have some time, the kids watched TV programmes while I took photos on some of the stuff we bought so far.

So many Root Beer.. but I still prefer the ones we had which is sweeter. :)
9:30am : Took a cab down to SM Mall Cebu City. We were early and waited outside for the Mall to open at 10am. While waiting, we browse through the different resturants thinking where should we settle for Breakfast.

So far we have tried Japanese and Filipino food.. passed by one resturant - SPICE FUSION selling Singapore local delights.... Hmmm...wonder how it will taste like.. So here we are.
We ordered quite a fair bit for a Breakfast meal. Bak Ku Teh (180p), Oyster Omelate (120p), 2 Roti (180p), Satay (150p) and 1 Ice Tea and Lemon Green Tea (45p each).
It was not really cheap considering it cost about $5.50 for 2 Roti Prata, $4.60 for 6 sticks of big satay?! Still, it was an experience to try out all kinds of food here and we had a really FULL breakfast. Time to walk around and window shopping to digest our food. :)

We stopped by an Arcade centre and let the children played for awhile. How can the kids resist not going in? :p

Oreo Hot Fudge and Sundae Ice-cream at MacDonalds. A Nice dessert in between short breaks. :)

We managed to buy some clothings for the kids (all ready for CNY). :) It was a good buy since they are relatively cheaper. That will saves us time and $$ coming back to Singapore to hunt for their clothings next month.

We had late lunch and decided to try out the Korean cuisine at Fil Hangang. Grace did mention to us that Koreans are the top tourists visiting the country. So, we should try some Korean food.

Ramen, Shrimp Fried Rice with egg, Spicy noodles, 5 pcs of Gimbab, Ice Tea and Lemonade.

Unfortunately, we didn't really enjoyed our meal (not because of the food) but rather because Gladys has been spitting out the food she eaten. We always wanted to make sure that she have her normal meals throughout the trip as she is a more fussy eater compared to Denver. So we try to order food to suit her and always feed her first. Despite our efforts, she continued to spit the food out. :S Hubby and I were so angry that she got scolded and Hubby hit her causing her to cry and vomit even more. -_0.

Ok.. I know.. Everyone is tired.. so we took a cab to collect our laundry and back to Diplomat and NAP! It was a very much needed rest and we all felt more energetic after a good sleep.

6:00pm : We are back at Ayala Mall. :) Spent spent spent again buying new clothes for the kiddos at Metro. 8:15pm : Dinner at Gerry's Grill. Gladys looking at the menu... pretending to make her orders.

We had Pancit Canton, Spaghetti with Fried Chicken, inihaw na pusit (61p per 100g), Blue Marlin steak, Tropicana and Lipton Ice Tea.

The Pusit is sooo Shiok! Hubby and I enjoyed this dish as much as we had it in Sutukil. Yummy.. I would say it is a MUST TRY dish! There goes our final day in Cebu. Heading to Manila tomorrow!! ^_^

Cab to SM City - 70p
Breakfast @ Spice Fusion - 740p
Ice cream @ MacDonalds - 57p
Buys @ SM Dept Stall - 1906.75
Lunch @ Fil Hangang - 660p
Cab to Raintree/Hotel - 90p
Cab to Ayala Mall - 80p
Buys @ Metro - 799.75p
Mineral Bottles - 20.5p
Dinner @ Gerry's Grill - 1026p
Cab to Diplomat - 70p
Massage Svc - 300p
Total - 5820p

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