Saturday, December 5, 2009

~ Cebu Manila Trip - Budget Terminal (Ready to take off) ~

Date: 26th Nov 09

We took a cab down to the Budget Terminal and arrived 3 hours earlier than usual. Our flight was scheduled to take off after midnight and the children are very excited. Lutchie came to send me off and I was very touched with all the help and advice she has given me for this trip. BIG THANKS to her!

After checking in, we took a free shuttle bus ride to Terminal 2 and transfer to Terminal 1 hoping to see my inlaws who are arriving from their China trip tonight as well. Unfortunately, their flight was delayed. :( So we make our way back to the Budget Terminal. Well, Hubby said that's one of the way to past our time. :pI thought the children will be tired by now as it is way past their bedtime.. But they wanted to eat MacDonald! Hahaha... Food never fails to keep them awake. ^_^
View of the Budget Terminal at Changi Airport. Small, simple and clean.. Nothing much there except a mini play area, MacDonald & Hans.

We went to the Departure area and there is a mini playground, Kopitiam and a few shops inside. It is already half past 11 and the children kept themselves occupied at the play area. Sliding, running and shouting.

What are they looking at??

That's the aeroplane that we will be boarding on! CebuPacificAir. :)

We finally made our way in and onto the aircraft. It's already half past 12 and by now Gladys is already very tired and falls fast asleep. Denver on the other hand stay on and waited for the aeroplane to take off before knocking out.... Zzzzzzzzz

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