Thursday, December 10, 2009

~ Cebu Manila Trip - Day 6 @ Manila ~

2nd Dec 09

6:00am - We woke up early, checkout of Diplomat and took a cab to the Airport.

7:30am - Reached Airport @ Mactan, check-in and seated down at Bo's Coffee Club for our breakfast.

Hubby found a small cockroach crawling around in the glass display window where the muffins, sandwiches and cakes are. He told the staff at the counter and it was gotten rid of immediately. Well, we still make our orders (since there are not much options). All of us did not have tummyache later. :) I guess we are quite trained in this area since back home we did not really make it a point to be super clean and hygienic. Hahahha..

Waiting at the boarding area.. 1 more hour to go..
On-Flight and Take off to Manila. CebuPacific Air has arranged some games while we are on board. 3 free Tote Bag to be given away for anyone who can show the items fastest as requested by the stewardess. (e.g. A pair of shoes, belt etc).
12:15pm - YEAH! We finally arrived at New Horizon Hotel! This hotel is where Hubby has been staying when he is on Business Trip and we will be here for the next 3 days. We were warmly welcomed when we reached the Hotel Lobby. Since the staffs are so familiar with Hubby already, everyone is so friendly! We pop by to say "HI" to Hubby's colleagues who are just staying next door in the other rooms on the same floor as us. ^_^
Our room is big, clean and spacious. I love the toilet with the bathtub! The hotel staffs have also helped us to joined the 2 single beds together. So kind and nice!

After putting down our luggages, Hubby took us to ride on the MRT to Shangri-La Plaza. Denver has been looking so forward as he wanted to play Animal Kaisers cards! But of course, LUNCH First, Play Later. :)

Hubby took us to STEAKTOWN as he wanted to let me try the 1 pound steak which he had before. We ordered 1 pound steak (half between hubby & I), Buffalo Chicken Wings served with their special chilli cream sauce, Chicken Lollipop and Child's portion Tenderloin. We can also take the salad from the Salad Bar.
Sizzling Steak! Yummy.... SLurp
Needless to say it was another HEAVY Lunch... We are all ready to hit the Arcade games at Power Station. This was something the kids have been looking forward to for this trip. :p
Next, we walked over to SM MegaMall for another round of shopping and eating.
Hubby says he often see a lot of people buying donuts from Krispy Kreme. So we decided to give it a try too.... So many flavours to choose from and we bought half a dozen and a Chocolate Cookie Chiller.

Verdict: It was VERY SWEET! There is a coating of sugar on the donuts. Definitely a great choice for Sweet Lovers. Ummm.. but kinda too sweet for our taste bud. :) I guess the food in Singapore taste blender since we don't really take too salty and sweet stuff. ^_^
SM Department Stall is very common in Philippines. We always love to visit the children's department. :) Finally managed to buy a pair of new shoes for Gladys.

6:20pm - Shangril-La Hotel is just walking distance from SM Mega Mall. We went to order their drink of the month (550p) and got a free toy. :) Hubby has been collecting them during his business trip since October (1 different toy for each month). We now have a Tarsier, Bat and Reindeer.
Well, I'm not sure if $17 SGD is considered cheap or expensive sitting on a comfty sofa in a 5 star hotel, having our drink and enjoying the live musical performance. But it's surely so relaxing to the body and mind that I can almost fell asleep. :)
View of Shangri-La Plaza while waiting for the cab back to our hotel. Well.. we still did not have our dinner yet. :D All of us were so full after eating so much food earlier. We stopped by Wendy's fast food resturant which is near New Horizon for a quick and simple dinner.
End of Day 6


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Nice trip, nice trip, nice planning.

Seems that the kids are also enjoying :-)

Phoebe said...

Thanks! ^_^ The children always love vacation.

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