Thursday, December 10, 2009

~ Cebu Manila Trip - Day 7 @ Manila ~

3rd Dec 09

6:30am - Not sure if it's due to the early sunrise... everyone seems to be waking up earlier. :) We have complimentary breakfast at New Horizon, and Denver loves to look for his cereals.

We are all ready for more shopping, eating and games for the next 2 days. :) But first of all, we need to send our laundry for washing again. :) This will be our final time before we return home.

The laundry shop is inside a mall opposite our hotel, so it is very convenient to drop and collect later.

Here's Hubby ordering early desserts - Buko Pandan and Buko loco with Lychee drink for us. Sweet & Yummy. Gosh.. I think I'm getting FAT!

This morning, we are visiting Greenhills where there are a whole lot of stalls selling local souveniors, shirts etc.. but it is most famous for selling Pearls. There are too many of them and I really don't know which one to patronise. We randomly walk and stop by one of the stalls. The lady says since we are her first customers of the day, she will give us special discount. Well, I'm not a superd shopper especially when it comes to jewelry.. we eventually bought some back for myself and as gifts. It is a tradition to swipe the money from their first earnings of the day on their products so as to bring in more customers and earnings.

I lost track of the other malls that we visited later on... Umm.. There is Greenbelt (high-class shopping), Landmark, Glorietta mall etc. Well, we didn't really visit all the shops in detail since there are soooo many and we have 2 kids with us. So, we walked around and eat along the way.
Lunch was at Tokyo Tokyo - Japanese fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines.

Stop by MacDonalds for Desserts and Drinks again. :) Gladys posing for Christmas. :)

Our final destination for today is PowerPlant Mall. It looks high class too.. The children had another round of arcade gaming at Power Station after following us to shop for the whole morning.

We also went for a movie treat - Planet 51. It is slightly cheaper to watch movies in the Philippines and their Popcorn taste different too. (Butter popcorn).. Not those sweet/salty type.

Hubby met up with his colleagues for dinner after the movies and this is the only time where I did not take photos of the food.. (Paiseh mah). The only one which I think was really nice was the desserts. Not too sure what was it call though...but its super soft, sweet and nice.
I was still feeling hungry when I went back to the hotel.. so I called for Room Service. hehehhe.. The value meal menu on the hotel listing was soooo attractive! 99 pesos only!! For a burger, macroni salad and Coca-cola drink! Wow! It's only about $3 SGD!!! I enjoyed my supper.. Hahaha.
End of Day 7

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