Sunday, December 27, 2009

~ One day trip to Muar ~

Date: 27th December 2009
Location: Muar

5:00am - Woke up early to get ready for our 1 Day trip to Muar! Hubby called the contact via a pamphlet that was sent to my sil's place. The 10-seater van (charging us at $350) will be picking us at Sengkang and bring us to the places we wanted to go for the day. I guess it's not too expensive bah.

6:00am - Van came on time to pick us up and we are on our way! Went to the custom at Woodlands and my first time visit to the new custom at JB.

6:50am - Our first stop - Breakfast at Ah Koong Resturant. I heard it is a famous stall in Johor and many Singaporeans like to stop by. (There are indeed many singaporean cars :p). We ordered Fishball noodles ($8.50RM) and fish cake. Personally I think it was not too bad but not too fantastic either. Maybe thats because I'm not a fishball noodle fan. In terms of pricing.. I guess due to its fame and popularity, it is comparable to eating in Singapore.

7:30am - We continue our journey to Muar. It's about 2 hours drive up and everybody is very excited. The van is spacious and we are comfortably seated.

It is still a looong drive up and the children falling asleep after playing for some time.

10:00am - 南亭寺(善才爷庙). We are back here again! It still look pretty much the same after my last visit 5 years ago.
Hubby with Denver 5 years ago and Hubby with Gladys today! Did you see any changes? :)
11:00am - With the GPS in the van, Hubby gave the address to the driver and we manage to locate a place selling nice, delicious Otah. Uh.. so where are the photos of the otahs? I did not manage to take any pictures cos they are all inside our stomachs :p We bought 2 packets and it was all gone before we left the place. :p
It is interesting to see and observe what's in Muar as we are travelling. 余仁生 already put up decorations for CNY already! I am also hearing CNY songs in some shops. Wow.. Christmas is just over and I can feel the CNY mood!
Along the road you can see road stalls selling all kinds of food. EVEN SUSHI!!

11:50am - Yong Sheng Confectionery ( This is a very famous Confectionery shop with many branches in Malaysia. I believe the one we went to is the very shop that was first establish in Muar in 1952 .

There are all sorts of delicacies there.. From cakes, biscuits, hampers, honey tea, chocolates etc. You will be welcomed by the staff there asking you to try and sample their various different products. I can really eat my full there if I were to sample everything. :p Fil bought a lot of stuff... we only bought some back home. ^_^
12:30pm - Lunch at Ting Ting Resturant. We invited the driver to join us for lunch too. I did not take photos on all the food which we ordered. :p (Too paiseh cos my inlaws and uncle, auntie are there.) hehehe. We had Beehoon fishball soup, vegetables, egg, cereal prawns, toufu and prawn roll. (~$116.40RM). The kids have ice-cream cones for desserts after a heavy lunch.
:30pm - After lunch, it was basically travelling on the road and resting in the van.. We were suppose to visit another temple with fishes. Unfortunately, the driver didn't know the place and we wasted 2 hours searching for it. :( We ended up going to 2 other temples along the way and decided to end our search at 3:30pm and go for shopping instead.
6:00pm - Sutera Mall. Shopping time and we have 2 hours here! Still Eileen and Auntie didn't waste any time at all and their hands were full of shoes, clothings and bags! We had dinner at KFC and Hubby took the kids to play at the arcade and Jumping Castle while I had about half hour of personal shopping. :)

8:00pm - The driver came on time to pick us and we were all back home by 10:00pm.

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