Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Week in the Life of a Blogging Mom

Nine years ago, when I decided to start on my first blog (which has been long forgotten) was purely because I wanted an outlet to document my children's growing years, to share my happiness and also to vent my frustration.  A few years later, I decided to change my direction and pen down our travel journey instead. After all, life is short and I wanted to hold on and remember the happier moments.

What does blogging means to me then and now? It started as a diary, evolved into a hobby and now I feel it is a bridge bonding our family together and opening our horizon. I must admit blogging has changed our family's lifestyle to a more out-going one ever since I started our travel blog.

On the weekdays, the adults will be busy at work while the children spent most of their time in school. I used to walk my boy and girl to school in the mornings, but with my early working hours, I have to wake up at 530am and leave home before the kids are barely awake. I prepared their water bottles and occasionally make breakfast for them if I am not running late. Hence, I get my little perks of joy picking my girl from school whenever time permits.

Now that our children are older and more independent, the days in the week does not feel as hectic as before. The daily completion of homework, revision, followed by light household chores seems to be a routine that occupied us in the evenings.

Hubby and I agreed that our kiddos should not be boiled down by tuition and enrichment classes (unless they really needed the extra help). Hence, I have been spending some hours in the nights supervising and tutoring them instead. Trust me, this isn't the most pleasant moment for everyone (especially after a long day at work and school) and everyone has to bear with my nagging and ranting. Nevertheless, we managed to end the night peacefully catching up with hows everyone is doing in school and at work.

If there is one thing that I have not done well enough as a mother, it would have to be cooking a decent meal for the family consistently. Since last year, we have been taking tingkat meals which works out fine as we can have dine-in meals at home and little time is spent travelling out, thinking of where to go and what to eat. Nevertheless, it is definitely an area that I would love to improve on so that my children can have proper home-cook meals whenever possible.

Party mood begins on Friday nights as Hubby and I look forward to spending time with our little ones every weekend. From visiting the parks, going for nature walks, participating in family-orientated events. to doing the simplest things like going for makan sessions, grocery shopping at the supermarket and even catching a movie or drama series at home. (*YES! This includes the recent frenzy craze of catching the popular Korean Drama - Descendants of the Sun, which I am kinda guilty of influencing my children to join in the club! Opps!)

Apart from exploring interesting places locally, recently, we also make impromptu trips into Johor Bahru and started our very own JB Food, Fun and Shopping trail. From hotel hopping, cafe hopping to shopping and visiting fun places, we will drive in for a day trip or even stay for a night. Our children look forward to every road trip as we get to eat, play and shop to our hearts content.

Unfortunately, weekends is not entirely about all play and no work. Many times, the children have to complete their school homework and revise for their upcoming tests and examinations. Lately, in lieu of the hot weather, we decided to 'migrate' ourselves to the library where everyone can utilize their time efficiently and focus on doing their own work in a comfortable and conducive environment. So far, I am enjoying my personal space and time to do my doodling or crafts while supervising the children with their homework.

If there are no events to attend, I usually dedicate my Sundays as House Cleaning Day. This is the time where I will spend the morning tidying up the mess that has been accumulated. Thankfully, the children (*reluctantly) helped out too, else it will be too much for me to manage single-handedly.

A neater space after cleanup and a sense of personal accomplishment.

When the children go for their only weekly tuition on Sundays, it is also the time where I can spare the few hours to blog, catch up with my work, take a nap or even have a quick date with Hubby.

No doubt blogging took up quite a fair bit of my time, particularly stretching through many late nights, I am not complaining as it is something that I enjoy doing and I do it leisurely. I feel the same when I am working on my craft works. Despite it takes a lot of effort, energy and time, I do not feel that it as a burden. On the contrary, blogging has indirectly enhanced our family's lifestyle positively and we find our life more interesting, exciting and fulfilling.

My passion - ART & CRAFT

Whether it is days in a week or hours in a day, a blogging mom or not, my role as a mother, a wife, a daughter, an employee, an individual did not change.

~ Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life ~

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--andy-- said...

Be it dood, accommodation or Fun, you are our JB reference :)

cheers, Andy

Mum's calling said...

9 years and blogging on! Not an easy perseverance. It's really much easier when we're doing what we love.

Phoebe said...

Thanks Andy. :) Your blog is also very comprehensive too

Phoebe said...

I never know thought that I would blog for so many years.. and many more years to come :)

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