Sunday, May 8, 2011

~ The Southern Ridges Trail - Part 3 ~

After the break, we need to walk back to our initial starting point where our cars are parked. Naturally, the children grumbled but followed on. :)

Tracing back to the Hilltop Walk, we stopped by the Terrace Garden. It is the highest point in Telok Blangah Hilltop Park where we can have a good view from the top.

The rain did not stop and continued to drizzle. The grounds are wet and slippery and we carefully made our way up the steps.

 Here I am at the top! :)

We took shelter and a break. The older children started to introduce games where they played in school and that got most of us involved in the fun activity.

How the game is played : 2 players in a game. Each player begins with one of their foot placed right behind the other. Both players' foot has to touch each other at all times. The 2 players will then have a game of sciossors, paper, stone. Whoever win can 'retreat' their foot back. The player who lost will need to stretch his foot up to touch his opponent foot. This continues and the player who cannot stretch himself/herself to touch the other player's foot will lose. :D

A simple game yet it brought so much joy and excitement. We all had fun and made a lot of noise. That certainly has 'disturbed' the usual peacefulness and serenity of the park.

Apart from games, the view from the top is also refreshing. We can have a good view of Singapore, the garden, and the cable cars from afar.

It's time to move on and we continued our walk back to the Forest Walk and Alexandra Arch.

From the HortPark to the Henderson Waves is approximately 2.4km and we had a total of almost 4.8km walk which took us about 3hours to complete (including the break). It was raining throughout the journey but we made it. The view along the way was great and we had a good morning exercise! :) Kuddos to the children too!

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