Monday, May 30, 2011

~ Zoolympix 2011 - Fun Goes Wild! ~

Denver & Gladys have been looking forward to visiting the Singapore Zoo once again. This time it is double happiness as they will be participating in the Zoolympix event! Cool!! Initially, I was worried about the weather as it looked gloomy in the morning, lucky for us it didn't rain throughout our stay at the zoo.

Event: Zoolympix 2011 - Fun Goes Wild!
Date: 23 May - 12 June (Daily)
Time: 10am - 4pm
(Price: $2 per Zoolympix passport )
(Normal park admission charges apply.)

 Welcome to Zoolympix! Olympians get ready!! Smile!!

Our little olympians will need to go through 6 game stations in order to complete the activities in the Zoolympix booklet.
  • Hand-some Otters
  • Leaping Tiger
  • Power Pollinators
  • Ele-fun Foot
  • Awesome Orang Utan
  • Shoot-em Archers
The game stations are scattered around at various parts of the zoo. Little olympians will put their athletic skills to a test and judges will note down the top 5 to enter the Hall of Fame! Do not be disappointed even if you are not within the top list! All olympians are entitled to a free gift and upon earning all the stamps and completion of the booklet, there is a Sure-Win Lucky Dip!

We decided to start the games from the stations furthest away from the park.

Shoot-em Archers: Denver and Gladys first put their aiming and accuracy skills to the test. They need to use their water guns to shoot down 3 insects within the shortest time! Daddy helped our little girl and so she was able to complete her quest faster than Denver. :) This is one of the game stations the children enjoyed most.

Awesome Orang Utan: Oh my!! Monkey Bars!! The childrens' 'worst enemy'! Our little olympians have not been trained for this event and needed help to get them across safely. Hahahaha.. :)

Ele-fun Foot: Our olympians do not have foot as big as the elephants, let's see if they can walk across the logs within the shortest time in their boots. Little help from Daddy please. :)

Power Pollinators: This is a test of speed and intelligence. :) How many coloured balls can you stick on your 'sticky' vest and place them in the respective coloured flower baskets within 30 seconds? Denver and Gladys had a good run and put in their best effort! Denver got 12 balls and nearly got listed in the Hall of Fame. :)

Leaping Tiger: How far can our little olympians 'leap'?? Answer: 1m. ^_^ (Ok.. some discount from the amount of walking and running they had earlier.) Highest record on the Hall of Fame was 2m! Wow! Even Mommy cannot jump that far.

Hand-some Otters: The otters are definitely cute and handsome. At this final station, the children will need to close their eyes and based on their touch and feel to grab the correct items from the water tank.

Yes! Our Little Olympians have completed all the events in the Zoolympix! Apart from the free gifts, they were also lucky to pick a very nice prize in the lucky draw dip! An Emperor Penguin poster for Denver and a beautiful pack of 12 post cards for Gladys! Daddy made some donations and we also bought a nice storybook home for the children.

Apart from the Zoolympix activities, if you visit the park during the weekends, there are more special programs to keep the children entertained!

Dr Ooz Show & Tell (1:30pm - 2pm)
Venue: Rainforest Walk

"Up Close and Personal" Animal Encounters (11pm - 1pm)
Venue: Rainforest Walk

D.I.Y Pebble Painting (10am - 4pm)
Venue: Rainforest Courtyard

Gladys stopped by to have her hand painted - a beautiful pink butterfly. :) 

Near the entrance/exit, we spotted the Pebble Art counter. You can paint your very own pebble by making a small donation to Wildlife Reserves Conservation Fund!

All of us had loads of fun at the Singapore Zoo with a lot of goodies to take back home!

June holidays have begun... It is indeed a great time for parents to bring your children to the Singapore Zoo  today cos here is where the fun goes wild!

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