Saturday, May 28, 2011

~ PCN - Serangoon Park Connector (1) ~

If you have been driving along Sengkang East Drive, you might noticed that there is a stretch of street lamps and a walkpath alongside the Sungei Serangoon. This is a new extension of the Serangoon Park Connector that now connects to the Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk.

After our dinner, we took the kids out for a leisure walk and 'ride on the Park Connector Network (PCN) experience'. :)

There is a lot of greenery along the way and while many people are jogging and cycling on the tracks, we strolled leisurely along the river. We walked under a bridge and at times, we saw aeroplanes and bigger birds flying past.

It is about 2.8km away from the restaurants @ Punggol to Punggol Park. We started from mid way and spent about 30mins to complete the ~1.4km walk. We took a much longer time as Hubby and the children have been waiting patiently for me to catch up (who was busy taking photos along the way).

Gladys was tired and Daddy had to give her a 'lift'. :)

By the time we reached our destination point, the sun has set and the lights were up. Further up ahead will be the Lorong Halus Wetland, but we decided to give it a miss as there is still a distance back home. We ended up having supper at Popeyes and our little workout earlier went down the drain.....

Nevertheless, I enjoyed our little walk, the scenary and looking forward to complete the route up to Punggol End upon completion. :)

Our walking journey home....

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