Saturday, May 14, 2011

~ Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk ~

The Riverside Walk is part of the 4.9km Punggol Promenade which is still under development. There are exercise stations and destinated tracks along the river banks for cycling and jogging. After our dinner at one of the food outlets, we took an evening walk along the Riverside Walk towards Lorong Halus Wetland. (Both were officially opened on 5th March 2011).

Exercise stations
 Dedicated jogging and cycling tracks.

Gladys adores the exercise stations most because she spotted many children playing with the sand and making sand-castles there. Naturally, she was pretty upset when she didn't get to play.

There are a couple of look out points where you can rest your feet and get closer to the water edge. I particularly enjoyed the greenery and tranquility along the river banks.

Sungei Serangoon
Resting and look out area
View of Sungei Serangoon from one of the look out points

The air is fresh and the sun is setting as we continued our brisk walk to the Lorong Halus Wetland. This is really a neat place with a combination of leisure and sports activities where you can consider to spend a quiet evening with your families and love ones. :)


Herine said...

i went when it was dark with beautiful lighting ;-)

The Heng Family said...

Yes! It's much prettier in the night! :)

Zahra said...

Hi Mommy Phoebe,

Could I ask for directions to the riverside walk? I am wondering if there is any parking available in the area.

I cant find the place on the map yet. :(


Zahra said...

Hi Mommy Phoebe,

Can I ask for directions to the Riverside Walk? I am wondering if there is parking available in the area.

I cant find the place on the map yet.


The Heng Family said...

Hi Zahra,

Apologies for the late reply as I have been away on vacation.

The Riverside Walk @ Punggol is pretty near Tebing Lane (off Punggol East Road) where there are a couple of restaurants there. There is a carpark there and a sign indicating "@Punggol". The nearest LRT is Riviera and a few buses no 3, 85, 83 stops near Tebing Lane. Hopefully that helps.

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