Monday, May 2, 2011

~ The Southern Ridges Trail - Part 1 ~

It's Labour Day holiday and another long weekend. Earlier this morning, the Lee, Tan and Heng family took on The Southern Ridges trail! Comprises of 5 adults and 7 children, the group assembled at around 8:45am and set off.

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Starting from the Hort Park where our cars are parked, we embarked onto the Alexandra Arch - a 80m long bridge which is lit up by interchanging LEDs in the night. Denver and Gladys soon made new friends with Johnny's and Andy's children and we all had loads of fun and laughter along the way.

It was a cooling morning with a bit of drizzle. The grounds are wet and slippery and all of us (especially the children) need to be extra careful while walking on the metal elevated walkway connecting the Alexandra Arch. The 1.3km Forest Walk gave us a good foresty view of the Telok Blangah Hill.

We took our first break (after walking for about 30 minutes) and the children had group photo with the completion of the Forest Walk. A quick stop for all of us to have some water before continuing our journey to our destination point - The Henderson Waves. :)

After resting for about 10 mins, We went on to the next trail - Hilltop Walk. The weather started to get gloomier with more drizzling. The children put on their caps and sweaters and we continue our way up.

This is probably the place where we may get mozzies bites but luckily we had our insect repellants ready and the children are spared. :) After completing the 1km walk, we have finally reached the Henderson Waves!

~ To be continued in Part 2!

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