Sunday, April 1, 2012

~ Denver's Learning Journey trip to the Farms ~

Last month, Denver had a wonderful time visiting three farms during his school's excursion. For the very first time, this blog space will be specially dedicated to him to share with our readers his learning journey at the farms.

Written by: Denver Heng
Photos taken by: Denver Heng
Photos and contents edited by: Mommy

Hi! I am Denver! I am going to share with you my experience at the farms. Me and my friends took a bus there. It took ages to reach our destination but I feel extremely nervous and excited. 

Our first stop is the goats farm. All of them are mountain goats. I learnt that the goat keepers cut out female goats horns as they are more playful and they might kill the baby goats which are called kid in their stomach. The goats produce milk from somewhere at the buttocks called the udder. I was told that they only produce milk when the baby is born. Goats only have two udders. The Goat keepers uses machines with two holes to extract the milk from the goat. You can buy goat milk here. It is processed so it tastes chocolaty. Yummy! ^_^

 Our next stop is the Jurong Frog Farm. It is a big place.

This place is full of American Bullfrogs. I learnt how to clarify which bullfrog is male and female. Look at the sides of the frog's head. You will see their eardrums. If the frog's eardrum is big, it is a male bullfrog. But if it's eardrum is small, it is a female. Isn't it easy?

We also have the opportunity to feed the frogs. Usually it will costs $1 for the public to feed these green creatures but we got to feed them for free as part of the learning journey! Yeah!

Apart from eating insects, they also eat fish pellets. We took many fish pellets, placed them on our hand and started throwing them to the frogs. If they are not hungry, they do not move. But if their are hungry, they will start fighting for it. We also saw many tadpoles. They look cute wriggling their tiny bodies in the waters.

Our last stop is the Mushroom Farm. The uncle cooked some Willow and Shiitake mushrooms for us to eat. Eventually, we ate 2 plates of mushrooms. So lucky! ^_^

I saw many types of mushrooms at the farm. E.g. Monkey Head and Willow mushrooms. They are all wood-based mushrooms. Wood-based mushrooms like cold weather. While the dung-based mushrooms like the heat. In the end, I bought 2 packets of mushrooms and a frog magazine.

I love Learning Journeys and I had so much fun. Do try to visit these farms and you too will learn a lot of interesting information like me! Thank you for reading!


--andy-- said...

hope Denver enjoy his crocking farm experience :)

We city-folks always relish that affinity to nature.


Phoebe said...

He surely did! He had his camera with him and snapped a lot of photos (although many were blurred) :D

He is having another learning journey soon and hopefully there will be another blogpost if he is taking the camera again :D

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