Saturday, April 7, 2012

~ Easter Fun @ Forest Adventure - Part 3 ~

Stage 11 - Labyrinth Crossing. I thought this looked easier from the ground but it doesn't seems to be the case for Gladys. She said the bridge was shaky and could not find her balance. I guess she does not like the winding path which twists from left to right. Awwww....

Stage 12 - Jungle Crossing. Gladys took the short cut through this stage, holding on to the safety line, while Denver grabbed the hanging ropes to clear this stage correctly. Good job! :)

Stage 13 - Trapeze. This stage is Gladys' worst nightmare. She took her first step out but retreated back as the log was swinging a lot and she could not balance herself. Luckily the instructor stayed with her and gave her guidance. Although she was very scared, our little girl conquered it after a series of screaming and crying! This obstacle also took her the longest time to complete.

Gladys trying her very best despite being afraid!

Denver was too ambitious and ended up losing his strength and gripped. The instructor told him to let go and he was hanged mid-air (thanks to the safety harness). He went back up on the logs again but this time taking step by step to complete the Trapeze!

We are closing to the finishing line. Gladys' spirit is back again as she takes on Stage 14 - Goat Crossing. She is perspiring a lot but looking forward to do the Zipline!

Denver is following up ahead!

Stage 16 - Zipline. This is the coolest and favourite stage of all for the children! After all the hard work, they are rewarded with a good swing to the ground!

 Getting ready for LANDING!

That completes our Kids Course @ Forest Adventure! It was truly exciting and tree-mendous fun!

The children went straight for their Easter Egg Hunt. They were given a number to look for the 3 same numbered egg around the course. Denver & Gladys ran around searching for them under the trees and came back with the coloured eggs. They were rewarded with sweet treats at the end of the session. ^_^

Denver and Gladys had a great Easter holiday and we would like to thank Forest Adventure and Impressions for inviting us, and bringing so much joy and excitement for our kiddos. It was an unforgettable experience and they loved it!


If you are keen on going to the Forest Adventure, you can enjoy a special 10% discount off on all Forest Adventure rates between 6 April 2012 – 31 April 2012! (Note:  for online bookings only) 

During booking, just add “Easter11” next to your name (e.g. Easter11) for easy indentification. (Note: 10% discount is not applicable for phone bookings or walk ins at Forest Adventure without bookings)

Young egg-hunters (height between 1.1m and 1.45m) can start their adventure on the Kids Course while those who are 1.4m can start on the Grand Course (children below 18 will need a parent or an adult to go on the Grand Course with them).
The Grand Course ranges from 6 to 8m above ground while the Kids Course is about 4m above ground. THere is 1 instructor on the Kids course who helps the kids along. However, the instructor will not be dedicated to one child. If the child is too scared despite the instructors' support, they will bring the child down. The course is about having FUN and not forcing one to continue.
Before going on the course, do read the FAQs to avoid disappointment. They adhere strictly to the designated height limits and proper footwear to be observed at all times.
Forest Adventure is located at 825 Bedok Reservoir Rd, 479244 (inside Bedok Reservoir Park). Opening hours from 10am – 6pm with last departure at 4pm. To make a reservation, visit:


1) If you wish to learn more about Forest Adventure, check out their website! -

2) Check our BPDGTravels fanpage for more photos on Denver and Gladys' climbing experience!

3) If you like to learn more about the Grand Course, check out Sengkangbabies blog for more details! -


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