Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~ Subic Bay - Zoobic Safari ~

Last month, Hubby went on a business trip to Manila and he took some time off to visit Subic Bay during one of his weekend over there. Subic Bay is Philippines's first free port and there are many interesting theme parks, water sports and beaches serving as popular tourist spots. For more details on Subic Bay, you can visit:

As Hubby is only spending half a day there, he and his colleagues visited one of the theme parks - Zoobic Safari. The van picked them up at their hotel in Manila around 7.30am and it took about 2.5 to 3 hours to reach Subic.

Located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zoobic Safari brings exotic wildlife and is the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines. There are many attractions and you can easily spend a couple of hours within the area of 25 hectares Safari.

A few tigers being caged near the entrance for photo-taking by the tourists and there are entertaining animal shows hosted within Zoobic Safari.

Serpentarium - a showcase of various reptiles.

Mini Petting Zoo - you get to see many exotic animals

Rodent World - mini rainforest with many different kinds of rodents.

Many other attractions around the Safari.....

The main draw for the tourists would have to be the Tiger Safari. The Red and Yellow Jeep took Hubby and his colleagues on a ride into the Tiger habitat. The doors of the jeep are enclosed with wire mesh to protect the passengers from the sharp claws and teeth of the tigers.

Hubby experienced a really close up encounter with the tigers! Usually we only get to view them from a few meters away in our Singapore Zoo. But this is really just inches from you! I'm sure the children will be scared if we are physically there. :)

Hubby paid 100p for the chicken meat where the care-takers will demostrate feeding of the tiger. The tigers approached the jeep swiftly and the tigers eat the meat through the holes and an opening in the wire mesh. It was truly a rare experience for Hubby as he visit this natural park which is very different from the usual traditional zoo setup.

There are also other attractions in Subic Bay like the Ocean Adventure Park where you get to see dolphins, sea lions and whales. Unfortunately, Hubby did not have enough time to bring home his adventure on that. Maybe next time if we ever get to visit Philippines again. :)

Before travelling back to Manila, he manage to visit the beach of Subic Bay. (not too sure which beach though)... There are many water sports available and it is very popular among the locals and tourists.

Subic Bay is a very attractive tourist location with many activities to offer. From Zoo to Ocean Park to nice beaches, resorts and water sports. It will be a great family getaway for many to spend a nice weekend.

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