Saturday, May 22, 2010

~ Costa Sands Resort @ Downtown East - Day 2 ~

22nd May 2010 - We woke up to a cool and rainy morning. Breakfast is at McDonalds and the boys love it. Gladys on the other hand was cranky and throwing her tantrums as she tries to bargain to have the packet of chips as her breakfast instead of pancakes. And I thought every child loves McDonalds? Hmmmpf. Anyway, it ended up with her eating a bit of everything.

Since it was raining, we decided to walk around while waiting for the rain to stop. There are many leisure activities families can enjoy at Downtown East. Suitable for the young and old. Escape Theme Park, Explorer Kid, Wild Wild Wet, Zone X, K-Box, Bowling Centre, Ferries Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Train etc. Not forgetting NTUC Supermart, shops and the various resturants at E!Hub.

Later in the morning, we went to the pool again. This time I got into the water to dip as well and so No Photos. ^_^ hehehe.

My inlaws and bbil arrived shortly after we had our morning swim. Mahjong table, chairs and more food is being delivered. We are all set to our BBQ session.

In the past, we usually start our BBQ in the evening. This time, we started around noon time. There was a slight drizzling throughout the afternoon but luckily no heavy rain. Thank Goodness.

BBQ-ing our food...

Then, I spotted an 'uninvited' guest. A cat walked by and sat near our pit. It lingered around for awhile before finally deciding to eat the hotdog which I dropped on the floor earlier. :)

There are always a lot of food when we have our BBQ. Mil cooked bee-hoon, dong-fen and of course her speciality - Curry Chicken. They also prepared desserts, fruits and drinks.

We spent the rest of the day busy barbecuing - sausages, hot dogs, chicken wings, fish ball, prawns, otah, pork etc.. Some of the hot favourites included -

- Fried bean curb (stuffed with beansprouts) with You Tiao mixed with sweet sauce, chili and peanut

- Sambal Squid with lime (Super Hot!)

- Specially marinated chicken wings (Favourite among all)

We have been busy BBQ-ing, drinking and eating from lunch till dinner. Everyone had something to do to keep themselves occupied and entertained. The children went for another swim later in the afternoon again.

The children got notebook, PSP, I-touch, television programmes while the adult got food and mahjong. The whole event went on till very late night and everyone (except us) left around 11pm. By now, we are already very TIRED! Denver and Gladys were able to fall asleep even with all the crowd and noise around. Imagine how exhausted they are. :)

Hubby and I were too tired to clear the other stuff and decided to leave it till the next day. We only manage to clean our resting area, have a quick bath and went to dreamland almost instantly.

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