Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~ Kite Flying at Anchorvale ~

The children went kite flying with their new Eagle Kite at the open field opposite Anchorvale Community Centre. It has become a hot spot for kite flyers due to the Big field and strong winds. You can always spot many kites from afar... and in the night, it is also beautifully lighted.

Denver & Gladys are always fighting for a chance to fly the kite. Daddy has to tell them to wait for their turns.

There are so many beautiful and colourful kites with all kinds of shapes and sizes... Some have long tails, some are really BIG and some have pretty LED lights that will light up the night sky.

Where is my kite?
The joy of kite flying for us is seeing our kite HIGH UP in the sky and not crashing down on us. :) Also, seeing the other pretty kites around us. We ended our kite flying session earlier as Gladys somehow ended up entangling the line pretty badly and Daddy & Mommy have to spent half an hour to get it fixed. -__- Nevertheless, the children get to have fun playing with it for awhile.

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