Thursday, January 21, 2010

~ Past Holiday Experiences 5 - Kota Tinggi, Desaru Mar 2005 ~

Date: 25th March 2005
Location: Ostrich Farm & Desaru Fruit Farm

As promised, we brought the family to visit the Ostrich Farm & Desaru Fruit Farm after exploring on our own a few months ago. ^_^ It was barely a week since our return from Batam and we embarked on another 1 day trip to Kota Tinggi & Desaru.

This time Bbil and Hubby drove 2 cars up to Malaysia. Our first stop is the Ostrich Farm. This time there were more visitors and we roam around to see the Ostriches.

The children gets to hold the Ostrich eggs and stand on it to show them that the egg is able to withstand the weight of an adult and won't break. Nevertheless, the older kids still have the doubtful look of "Huh! You sure!??" :p

Denver's first touch on an Ostrich and it's egg. Be gentle! It's not a ball. ^_^

Before leaving the farm, we bought an egg back. (It was eventually cooked and it's shell kept. 1 Ostrich egg can really make a HUGE portion! As for the taste.... ummmmm... I will still go for chicken eggs. :D)

Next, we drove down to the Desaru Fruit Farm ( which is about 39km away from Kota Tinggi. I still recall Hubby bought a pair of Walkie Talkie so that we can communicate with my Bbil and uncle as both cars are driving along the highway.

It was a Hot & Sunny Day but our spirits are High! We joined the guided tour and had a tour around the Fruit farm. There are so many different trees which I can only recognise some of it. :p. Bananas, Mangos, Watermelons, Rose Apples, Longans, Durians and many many more. We get to taste the fruits and also listen to their talks. You can also see that it is a popular spot where local schools will bring the students here for an educational tour. Along the way, we also visit the Vegetable & Herb Garden and there is also a very nice fish pond where the kids get to feed the fishes. Everyone had FUN and it's educational where older folks or young children will get to enjoy. It is a good mini-getaway for the whole family.

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