Friday, November 17, 2017

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - CingJing Minsu 黃慶果園民宿 - 陽光四人房

When I was searching for accommodation in CingJing, it took me ages as there are many gorgeous homestay offering scenic view! After reading multiple reviews online, checking out the location and comparing the prices, I decided on 黃慶果園民宿. Probably not a common or popular option but it was a decision that we did not regret.

Prior to our trip, I emailed to 黃慶果園民宿 multiple times to make enquiries and am happy that they replied to me promptly without pushing me to make my booking. 黃慶果園 has 4 houses offering different room types, suitable for couples and families. Pricing is rather reasonable according to your needs and budget. During peak period, rooms do get filled up quickly.

As we are staying in CingJing (清境) for 2 nights, I decided to book 2 different rooms just for the experience.

Sunshine Room (陽光四人房) was our home for the first night on the highland. Priced at NTD3300 (~S$150), this room is a GEM! The room is not only big but cozy and homely. Natural wood furnishing from the walls, floors to the ceilings.

2 big beds just nice for our family. 

Sofa facing the full length window for the entire family to wind down, relax and enjoy the setting/rising sun. 

Lots of light entering the room. 

I was mesmerized by the full length window view which extended towards the ceiling. Not only can you see the mountains and blue sky in the day, we have the luxury of star gazing in the night at the comfort of our room.

If you wish to have some privacy, simply wind down the shade or draw up the curtains in the room.

View from our bedroom.

View of the toilet. Separation of wet and dry area. 

Fresh persimmon fruit to welcome our stay

Outside of our room. We stayed on the ground floor and there are other units on level 2.

There are also BBQ pits outside

To get to our room, we have to climb a flight of stairs up. Good exercise for us but not so fun when we are with our luggage. 

Night view

Its a cooling night and the children have their gadgets to keep themselves entertained. 

As the night falls, I took the golden opportunity to star gaze while resting by the couch. This is the first time I see so many stars! Am so happy that we made the right choice to stay in 黃慶果園民宿.

More about 黃慶果園民宿 on our next post.

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Summary Notes:
- Free Wifi
- Window view (depends on room type)
- Flooring - Wood
- Water Flask - available
- Hair Dryer - not available
- Phone - not available
- Mini Fridge - not available

- Bath towels are provided
- Combined Toilet and Shower room
- Water Heater available.
- Disposable toothbrush/toothpaste provided

Address: 南投縣仁愛鄉大同村仁和路217-3號


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your write up. Thank you!
Can I ask, from Homestay, how do you get to Green Green Grassland?

Phoebe said...


Many thanks for liking our post. The Homestay provides free transport to and fro from Green Green Grassland.


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