Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay

Mid-Autumn Festival is a special festival for us as it is also the day that Hubby & I held our wedding customary. This year, we celebrated the festival earlier with the children at Gardens by the Bay to see the dazzling display of handcrafted lanterns and enjoy a sumptuous meal at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant.

For the month of September, Friends of the Gardens get to enjoy Majestic Bay's Special Set Menu at S$188 nett! Valid with minimum of four people, terms and conditions apply. This is a pretty good deal and we are excited as its our first time dining by the Marina Bay waterfront. Apart from the magnificent view, the children were engross catching Pokemons while waiting for the food.  You may like to know there are 62 PokeStops and 5 PokeGyms hidden around the Gardens!

Cute Pokemons aside, delicious food always captivate our attention. Let's see whats on the Special Menu!

Delicious greens to start our meal.

Majestic Bay Trio Combo : Crispy Silver Fish, Thai Style.

Majestic Bay Trio Combo : Wasabi Black Fungus Salad. 

Majestic Bay Trio Combo : Pickled Baby Cucumber with Grapes

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Cordyceps Flower, Huai Shan and Dried Scallops 
Sweet, fragrant and not too oily. Lots of nourishment within a bowl.

Crispy Catch of the Day, light soya sauce. 

Slow Cooked Whole Abalone with Homemade Tofu and Broccoli Flower in Truffle Oil 

Voted as our favourite dish on the menu. The tofu is exceptionally tender and tasty, compliment with the abalone topping. One serving is definitely not enough. :) 

Pineapple Fried Rice with Scallops and Pork Floss.

Sweetness within every grain and the generous topping of pork floss is popular among adult and children. Give it a good mix and I can have at least 3 bowls of rice.

Majestic Signature Kopi Crabs.

Crabs is one of our favourite seafood dish. Our girl thought it smell like popcorn when it was first served. I thought it smell like caramel, but it was Coffee!? Definitely our first time trying out Kopi Crabs. After setting the crabs on blaze, and giving it a good stir, we can finally dig in!

We licked the sticky outer layer which is sweet. The scent of coffee is not over-whelming and the crab meat is fragrant and tenderly fresh. It tasted a little like marmite crab but much better in taste. However, I still like my crabs to be a little 'wet' with more gravy or sauce. Butter with salted egg or Chilli crab is still my personal favourite. :) 

Dessert: Steamed Peach Bun with Lotus Seed Paste & Fresh Baked Walnut Cookies

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
Address: Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-10, S018953

Our tummies were filled with satisfaction and it is time to admire the lantern display! We made our way to the Supertree Grove and am dazzled by the beauty of the lanterns, inspired by the stories of the moon in Asian folklore.

Chang Er - The beautiful Chang Er who took the pill of immortality and floated towards the moon.  

Jade Rabbit - also known as the Moon Rabiit, was bestowed with the gift of immortality for its selflessness and generousity towards Man. Often portrayed as a companion to Chang Er.

The Eternal Woodcutter - Wu Gang, the legendary woodcutter who lives on the moon. 

The Matchmaker - Yue Lao, the God of Marriage and Love. 

The Ten Suns - Long long ago, 10 suns caused the Earth to scorch under the blazing heat. Hou Yi, shot down every sun till there was just one.

Colonnade of Lights at Supertree Grove is amazingly gorgeous. 4000 colourful lanterns in a myriad of colours and design took the stage. Some lanterns are decorated by the community. 

Catch the Cultural performances at the Supertree Grove and there are craft booths, story telling, food street and more!

Thank you Gardens by the Bay for the lovely invite and we had a good time! Mid-Autumn celebration @ Gardens by the Bay will be ending this coming Sunday. So, make your way there if you have not make plans for the coming weekend.

Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay
Date: 3 September 2016 – 18 September 2016

Giant Lantern Display
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Location: Supertree Grove

Colonnade of Lights
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Location: Supertree Grove

Craft Booths
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Location: Supertree Grove

Food Street
Time: 6pm - 1030pm
Location: Colonnade (Supertree Grove)

Mon to Fri, 8pm to 8.30pm
Sat & Sun, 6.45pm - 7.30pm, 8pm - 830pm

Cultural Performances
Mon to Thurs, 8pm - 845pm
Fri to Sun, 7pm - 7.45pm, 8pm - 846pm

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