Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review - SuperJet Power Shower with Pure Rain Shower Head


Whether it is starting my day or after spending long and tiring hours at work, a good quality shower is what I needed to freshen myself up. Personally, I prefer having my shower with stronger water flow/pressure. (Thankfully, the water pressure at our home is pretty good.) It is pretty inconvenient and depressing to clean ourselves with only trickles of water if you are experiencing low or slow water jets during shower. However, if you are facing that problem, maybe a change of shower head will help to improve or solve the problem.

Recently, we have been introduced to Pure Rain Super Jet (Wide) Shower Head, a product from South Korea. The patented technology used to design and produce the shower head provide better water pressure while saving water. We checked out the product video and am pretty impressed with some of its features, so we decided to give it a try to see how well it works for us.

I am not the handyman in the house, hence I never knew changing of shower heads is SO EASY! Even my 13yo boy was able to fit the new shower head for me. Just turn the old/current shower head counter clockwise and unscrew it from the shower arm. Attach Pure Rain Super Jet Shower Head onto shower arm and turn it clockwise and secure it. Turn on the tap and ensure that there are no leaks. That's it!

Made of stainless steel with full chrome body coating, the design is sleek and simple.

The patented triangular water plate holes (which we cannot really see from the photo) is the key to optimize spray water pressure (increase water pressure by 6 times) and reduce water consumption by 25-50%.

Water Saving
I did a little experiment to see if it really helps to save water by filling up a pail with water ejecting from Pure Rain and my old shower head for 15 seconds at full power. You can tell from the pictures that the strength of water spray ejecting from Pure Rain is stronger.

After 15 seconds, I measured the water level in the pail. For the same amount of time, Pure Rain shower head does saves some water compared to the normal shower head.

Superjet & Silk Spray Shower
The triangular water plate hole makes the water cluster smaller, creating soft & silky feeling mist shower. Our children enjoy their shower with Pure Rain as it emits strong jets of water spray yet feels soft and gentle on their skin.  Personally, I find it very soothing when it comes to cleansing my face. Soap is washed off easily and efficiently.

Negative Ions
Not too sure how this works but it is stated that the patented triangular plate holes generate greater amount of negative ions than the round-shaped holes. Negative ions creates refreshing breathing experience just like when you are near a waterfall. It purifies the air, stabilize nerve system and recover fatigue.

The micro fabric filter within helps to remove rust and debris enabling users to enjoy hygienic shower. When the fabric filter is dirty, it can be reused by washing/soaking/rinsing it once every few months or replaced after 12-18 months.

Even though we have rain shower installed in our bathrooms, we are happy and satisfied to alternate the usage of rain shower and shower head to complete our shower experience.


- For the month of October only (1st October till 31st October 2016), Pure Rain Superjet WIDE shower head will be offered at a promotion price of SGD48!
- FREE 1 piece of additional filter (that means you will have 2 pieces of filter!)
- Includes free home delivery and installation
- Cash on Delivery
- Interested readers to email name and contact number to You will be contacted on the details for arrangement of delivery

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 2 units of Pure Rain Super Jet (Wide) Shower Heads were provided for review purposes.


jade said...

It took her about 15 months to bring the idea from a thought and design to an actual prototype. מלונות בחו"ל

Akshay Baranwal said...

Thanks Phoebe Lau for sharing hand showers, I am using a similar one from Delta Faucet India.

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