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Forest City (森林城市) @ Johor Bahru

During the September school holidays, we drove up to Johor Bahru to check out the swimming pool and water sports at Forest City. In case you are wondering what is Forest City, it is Southeast Asia's largest mixed-use green development in Malaysia, Johor, near Singapore by Tuas Checkpoint. The island is mostly made up of reclaimed land and it i

How to get to Forest City?
We tried to locate Forest City on our GPS but wasn't successful. If you are driving in, better luck would be to rely on Google Map. Alternatively, once you cross the checkpoint via Tuas Second link, look out for the brown or big green banner along the road indicating the directions to Forest City.

Swimming Pools @ Forest City
Currently, there isn't much shopping/dining/accommodation open to the public yet. Nevertheless, the view of the vast sea line, sandy beach and swimming pools is enough to attract us to cross the border and have a day trip to Forest City.


We were greeted by the cute mascots representing different states in Malaysia. 

The swimming pool is surrounded by lustful greenery at the backdrop.

The pool is not very deep and there is a sandy area leading down to the waters. Be careful though as you walk down as there is a little slope downwards and you might miss it and slip. 

Mini pool area with a big Swan float. :) I thought it would be nice if the float is at the bigger pool

Children swimming pool - it was closed for maintenance during our visit. We were a little disappointed but our kiddos did not mind missing it as they prefer the bigger pool. 

Infinity pool - Our favourite spot. We were there on a weekday and we had the entire pool for ourselves! A perfect spot to catch a glimpse the beach and soak in the waters to play and relax. 

Infinity Pool

Naturally, we spent most of the time at the infinity pool. The weather was good and it was quiet. Away from the crowd, we enjoyed its serenity and peace. 

Family shots with the white swan. 

Beach @ Forest City
After taking our shower, its time to take a stroll by the beach. 一起去看大海咯!

View of the beach @ Forest City

 I love the sculptures scattered around the beach. Picture perfect against the sea view. 

Hi! I am finding Dory! Any 'fish' spotted her?

 Gigantic crabs on the beach! 

Denver & Gladys definitely know how to relax their body and mind. Lying down by the beach, looking out into the vast sea and feeling the sea breeze, kick start our stayacation to a wonderful time.

Sports Activities @ Forest City

While having fun at the pool, do not miss out the sport activities (Wet & Dry) by Cape Cabana Sports Centre (at the pool bar counter).

Although it indicates its daily operating hours from 10am - 6pm, that day, we waited till 11am before seeing the staff setting up the play equipment.

Pricing is pretty attractive. 
1) ATV (RM30 for 20 minutes ride)
2) SUP (RM20 for 20 minutes, RM60 for 1 hour)
3) Water Walking (RM15 for 10 minutes) 
4) Jet Ski ((RM90 for 20 minutes, RM220 for 1 hour)
5) Banana Boat (RM20 for 15 minutes, RM40 for 30 minutes)

Water Walking is conducted at the infinity pool. Hence, if you wish to spend some time at the pool, best to arrive earlier.

We decided to go for the ATV (All-terrain vehicle)! After purchasing our tickets by the counter, we made our way to the beach. We were lucky there there wasn't a queue as it will be pretty hot to wait for our turn under the scorching weather.

Helmets on and we picked our ATV! Even though the kiddos and I don't have a license. The staff quickly guided us on how to operate the 4-wheeler.

We bought 2 tickets for 4 of us to ride. (2 pax per vehicle). As Gladys is 10 years old, she is allowed to drive the ATV with an adult as the passenger! Its so COOL and our first to ride on the beach!

Denver took me on the ride. It was a little bumpy at first, but everyone got the hang of it after the second round!

I must say it wasn't easy to snap a photo while both vehicles were on the go. :) 

Still we managed to take some great pictures for remembrance.

Everyone had a great time and we could only wish there was more time!

General Information

- Parking is FREE (during our visit)
- No restaurant or eateries open during our visit. However, there are kiosks/stalls selling food/drinks.
- Prefer visit on weekdays as there is lesser crowd.

Swimming Pool

- For the month of September, usage of swimming pool is FREE! However, this is only for a limited time only. Check out Forest City Facebook Page for updates or enquiries.

- Registration is required at the reception counter (near Changing Room) for swimming. After registration, you will receive a voucher where you can show it to the life guard before proceeding to the pool to swim.

- Staff will check that everyone has a proper swimming attire during registration. Hence, do not attempt to jump into the pool in tshirts or shorts. Remember to bring along your swimming attire and towels.

- Swimming pool operates from 10am to 5pm.

Changing Room

There are lockers in the changing room where you can put your valuables in while you swim.

The shower room is very clean and shower cream is provide in each cubicle! All you need to do is bring your own towel and clothing to change after shower.

In the ladies changing room, hair dryer is also provided! 

Sports Activities

- Keep yourself hydrated at all times.
- Apply sun block if you are taking part in the outdoor sport activities.
- Bring along some cash with you if are planning to join the activities. This prevent trips to and fro to the locker/changing room.

Address: Jalan Forest City 1, Forest City, Pulau Satu, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: N01.33398, E103.59174

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