Friday, February 4, 2011

~ River Hongbao 2011 ~

Going to the River Hongbao (春到河畔) is like a yearly event for us. As usual, my inlaws and us took the MRT down after the reunion dinner. 

Event Period: 1st Feb 2011 to 13th Feb 2011
Opening Hours: Daily: 12:00noon to 11:30pm
Location: The Float @ Marina Bay
Admission is free

What are the main highlights at River Hongbao this year? The theme for this year is "Year of Rabbit; Many Returns" ("兔"气扬眉). There are nightly performances and also stalls selling unique delicacies from Nanjing,

12 Zodiac : This year they are in the shape of big golden coins and visitors can take photos and have a look at their fortune for the year.

I particularly likes the Wall of stamps as the picture is colourful and vibrant. We won't miss the chance to take pictures with our chinese zodiac.

Tiger: Daddy
Snake : Mommy
Goat : Denver
Dog : Gladys

Denver & Gladys with the cute little pair of rabbits 

The Float is also decorated with beautifully crafted lanterns and various lighting. You can also enjoy the magnificent backdrop of Marina Bay.

The God of Fortune: Everyone's favourite especially when Fortune God starts to sprinkle the golden dust (paper) at various timing. Adult and children will rush and catch them before it touches the ground. You see them catching it by hand and some even use their opened brollies to collect their lucky gold paper with numbers on them. Everyone is hoping to bring home a little luck and fortune for the new year.

Free bottles of new water is given out to the public and you can see a display of the Marina Barrage made of plastic bottles.

This year, we have a longer CNY weekend. You may just want to bring your families down for a walk at the River Hongbao. Happy Chinese New Year!

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