Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun with Flextangle

It's June Holidays and here's a simple craft activity that you can do with your children. Flextangle - a paper toy that not only amazes the younger ones but also adults like myself! I was introduce to this interesting craft through another colleague and am enjoying the fun of making it.

Download and print a free copy of the Flextangle template from Babble Dabble Do. Follow the simple instructions listed on it and start designing your own paper toy.

I used 80 gram A4 paper but thicker ones would be easier to manage. Cut, fold and apply glue accordingly. Allow some time for the glue to dry completely before attempting to rotate the Flextangle.

Template from Babble Dabble Do

The finished product

Here is our Flextangle!

You can also follow Babble Dabble Do's Youtube Video on how to make your Flextangle. Give it a try and have Fun!

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