Monday, November 10, 2014

BPDGTravels on Doodle!

I always enjoying sketching on a piece of paper, particularly while I'm waiting or attending long talks. Recently I found new insights and interest in Doodling and it turns out to be amazingly FUN and ADDICTIVE. Doodles are basically simple drawings that you draw randomly on paper with a pen. With just a simple black marker pen, you can create wonders to a plain old sheet of white paper.

With inspirations from other doodling experts like Pic Candle, I decided to give it a try. With our blog name in mind, I started doodling with a pencil sketch before outlining it using 2 different marker pen tips. The result is amazingly satisfying! It was very heartening to have friends giving me encouraging comments and loving the drawing.

My 2nd doodle was based on the theme - Journey to the West. This idea was brilliantly suggested by my brother. Don't you think it looked just like us? A family of four who are always on the move!  ^_^

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Anonymous said...

What a quirky place! Now I have another option to visit the next time we head up to JB

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