Saturday, October 1, 2011

~ BBQ + Pinata + Birthday celebration @ DTE Chalet - Day 2 ~

After a good swim, it's time to get to work! BBQ started as early as 3 plus in the afternoon. While the boys are busy playing games, only our little girl is interested to help us out under the hot, blazing sun.

At the same time, our surprise present for Gladys also arrived! Her favourite - Balloons! Thanks to Groupon, we managed to get a better deal for this under $25.

Variety of food that we prepared for the BBQ.

While we are preparing the food, our friends also arrived. It's also time to bring on our next surprise! My D.I.Y Angry Bird Pinata. I made two pinatas (just in case one of them failed) and it was a good decision as the children can play twice! ^_^

Hubby helped to hang one of the pinata up and we are ready to put it to a test!

The pinata was sturdier than I expected. Despite many hits, it only got dented. Luckily, the paper started to shred from the hanging point and eventually, the Angry Bird was Down! Hurray!

Later in the evening, more children joins in the fun and we have our round 2 with our red pinata. This is going to be a more difficult task as 4 layers of papers were used and it is going to be even harder than the first one.

The children queue in line and give their best shot at the pinata. Our Angry bird swings back, forth, left, right but only suffered minor dents.

The children didn't give up ... determine to make the angry bird falls. It started to tear from the hanging point again and eventually, the pinata drops! Applause! This is the moment were children can go and grab their rewards - candies which are inside the pinata.

Note: Adult supervision is required when playing. Children should queue in line and keep safe distance from the hitting area to avoid injury..

After 2 days of hard work, my diy pinatas were torn and beaten... Still, it was worth it seeing the excitement and the children having so much fun!

The finale - Celebrating Gladys' 5th Birthday in advance! 

25th September is Gladys' birthday and we are happy to have so many friends joining us sharing the joy with her.

Bring out the cake, candles and sing a Happy Birthday Song to our fiesty princess!

Balloons, cake, pinata, sweets, games, bbq and great company! It has surely been a wonderful and happy day for us.

Special Thanks to:
1) Loong Ge, Andy, Johnny and Chunho joining our BBQ session with your families and gifts to Gladys.
2) Jo for being such a sweet Aunt and your lovely present.
3) Andy and Johnny for sharing your superb photos with us.


Kelvin said...

Glady looks like she is crying in the pic with the cake and 2 boys?

Phoebe said...

hahah.. actually she has an ackward way of smiling when she delibrately face the camera. To see her real smile, need to take when she is unaware. :)

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