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Taiwan Trip Day 15 - Taipei (台北) | Shin Yeh Japanese Restaurant (欣叶日本料理)

15 December 2018

Our final night in Taiwan after more than 2 weeks! I really enjoyed this trip and it is by far the most memorable one to date! To mark a sweet ending to our family trip, we decided to splurge a little and have a good family meal together.

Near the hotel that we are residing in is a popular Japanese restaurant - Shin Yeh Japanese Restaurant which has garnered many good reviews. We happened to chance upon it on our first night in Taipei. After enquiry, we were shocked to learn that reservation needs to be done in advance and the restaurant is usually fully booked! Thanks to lady luck on our side, we managed to secure a table on our final night in Taipei.

Located on the 6th floor, the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant is both elegant and cozy. We were led to our table and wasted no time to check out what's on the buffet line!

Freshly sliced sashimi served at the counter - Salmon, Tuna, Red Trevally, Neritic Squid...

This is one sushi counter that I fell in love with! So many variety and so colourful! There are at least 10 different types of sushi here. I love the way they arranged the sushi which looks so appetizing! Plus, the sushi taste awesome!

My plate is usually filled with my beloved salmon sashimi which are so juicy and fresh! 

There are also interesting appetizer that boost our taste bud! Onsen egg, pickled vegetables, eggplant, mushroom etc.
Yummy Onsen Egg!

Fried food section

Fresh seafood - Prawns, oysters and more!

Fried Mochi

Steam Egg


8 different types of handroll you can pick from! Just order from the menu and it will be rolled fresh on the spot

The children LOVE the drink bar! Apart from cold drinks, red and white wine are served here too! Even their drink menu looks tempting!


Desserts are equally an eye catcher with a variety of cake - coffee, melaleuca, cheese etc, I wish I had a bigger stomach to try all!

Ending our meal with fruits!

What I love about Shin Yeh is we get to taste all different types of Japanese food under one roof and there is always something interesting I can pick from the buffet line.

We paid about NT3200 for 4 pax (~SGD145) then. That is about SGD36 per pax. Definitely an affordable deal with the good spread of quality food!

Currently, the buffet price is NT820 (adults) / NT410 (children) and there is a dining time limit of 2 hours. Still, it is worth coming back!

Shin Yeh has 5 stores in Taipei and Taoyuan and we visited the outlet at Zhongzheng District which is near Taipei Main Station. Booking in advance is highly recommended as they are fully booked most of the time!

Shin Yeh Japanese Restaurant (欣叶日本料理)
Address: 6th Floor, No. 12, Guanqian Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

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