Wednesday, January 8, 2014

~ Cruising the Singapore River ~

Thanks to Bunc Hostel, we were given 4 free tickets to the Singapore River Cruise. It was our first time taking the 40 minutes water taxi ride and we enjoyed the journey while snapping pictures like tourists.

Our Free Tickets!

There's ample space on board and we grabbed the window seats.

Initially we thought it was a bad idea to take the ride on a hot afternoon. We definitely do not want to be exposed and be victims of being roasted by the scorching sun! On the contrary, we enjoyed the breeze for the entire ride. For a moment, Hubby even dozed off because it was so comfortable!

We had a closer view to the thousands of wishing spheres floating on the waters.  

We stuck our heads out and let the boat took us on a cruise filled with rich Singapore History. 

The Fullerton Hotel

Along Singapore River

I love the rows of shop houses along the water banks. It's a lovely combination of the historic view within the modern city.

Clarke Quay - Central

I called it "the spaceship capsule" which is a prominent, colourful icon near Novotel.  

Clarke Quay

Father & daughter time - having fun and totally oblivious to others.

We may be familiar with the surroundings but it's an entire different feeling as we cruised down the memory lane. Memories flashes back on my mind and I just can't help feeling amazed how our homeland has developed and changed over the years.

Maybe Denver and Gladys will have a different experience when they cruise down the Singapore River with their family twenty years later.


Unknown said...

Oh wow, I have not been to this mini cruise yet! I'm sure to bring Arun with me... he'll love it! What's the best day to go for a cruise? I noticed you didn't have any "company"!

Phoebe said...

Hi Laura,

We took the ride in end December near the Merlion Park. There isn't any crowd at all. I guess if you like the night scenery, night ride will be nice too. Avoid going in the afternoon as I feel it may be too hot.

KennPaula Nicolas said...

We are quite still new in Singapore 7 years ago,and we had a little less similar experience cruising around the Merlion park. It was breathtaking! This kind of tour/cruise left an impression to us too, a very good one. Thanks for sharing :-)

KennPaula Nicolas said...

Hi Phoebe! We had a similar experience like this seven years ago, we were still new and we cruise around the Merlion Park, there was a tour guide and we really had so much fun! There's no MBS yet at that time, but the scenery itself was really breathtaking. You're lucky to experienced this one-of-a-kind trip with your family :-)

--andy-- said...

Denver and Gladys must have really enjoy their boat ride :)

We love to be tourists in Little Singapore too !

cheers, Andy

Unknown said...

Mouth Watering photographs,Singapore is definatley a place to Travel once in a lifetime.

Bryan Choo: said...

Its a different side of Singapore you'll see on the river cruise. They also have river taxis going at about $4 I think. Can pay with ez-link!

Unknown said...

We've not brought our daughter on the mini cruise on Singapore River. That is one of our 'to dos' next school holiday, thanks for sharing! :D

Unknown said...

Looks like your cruise trip was a real fun! Every cruise line has fans and their critics. What one person loves, another might hate. I find that the Caribbean cruises are the most affordable for me. Our first cruise trip was to Caribbean islands and Central America with blountadventures.

Phoebe said...

Thanks for all the comments. :)

I think many Singaporeans feel that cruising the river is more for tourists. It can actually be a educational ride for our children to learn about the history of Singapore too. :) Denver and Gladys enjoyed the ride. ^_^


Phoebe said...

Hi Bryan,

I heard of the River Taxis operating but wasn't aware that we can use ezlink cards too! COol!


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