Thursday, January 9, 2014

~ Bao Today (包今天茶餐厅) - Marina Square ~

Whenever I passed by Bao Today, it always reminds me of the Legend of Justice Bao because of it's name "包今天" sounding similar to "包青天". Stepping into the restaurant outlet at Marina Square, Bao Today offers dim sum and other traditional delicacies at a reasonable price.  

It was a dinner date with Jo, a good friend of ours and our kids' favourite aunt. :) We did not order their signature buns but tried their Fried Spring Roll and Crispy Fried Golden Dumplings as starters.

The fried dumplings and spring rolls were crispy but I find it a little too oily. Stuffing was filling and tasty. The children seems to like both dishes while waiting for their 'main course'.

Fried Spring Rolls ($3.80)

Crispy Fried Golden Dumplings ($6.80)

Hubby always has a liking for curry and with no doubt, he ordered Curry Chicken with rice ($6.80). It wasn't very spicy but the curry flavour was robust and thick. Chicken was tender and it goes well with the rice.

I had a go with the Braised Pork and Char Siew with Rice ($7.80). The braised pork was tender and not too fatty. Char siew meat was cut into thin slices and chewy. I particularly like the sauce and sweetness of the meat.

Seafood baked rice ($8.80) was our kids' top choice. This is a pretty cheesy dish with scallops and prawns within the baked rice. The rice was fragrant and the serving is just nice for our children.

Milk Tea ($2.50)for me and Hubby.

Milo Dinosaur ($2.80) for the children

Denver & Gladys having a great time with Jo. :) See the similarities? ^_^ 

Dining at Bao Today involves no service charge but there is a 7% GST charge. Our final bill was about $55. Pretty affordable for a decent family meal in the shopping mall.

Name: Bao Today (包今天茶餐厅) - Marina Square Outlet
Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #02-234, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

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