Saturday, November 23, 2013

~ Animal Crafts Galore with Canon Pixma ~

Gladys and I are crafts lovers but I am guilty of not sparing more time with my girl to engage in craft works together. Hence, I was really looking forward to spend some quality time with Gladys this holiday in the midst of the busy work schedule. Thanks to Canon and OMY, we were able to participate in  Canon Pixma's Animal Crafts Galore Workshop at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Hall.

Step 1 : Directed straight to Canon Pixma's MX series all-in-one printer to have our photos printed. :) Simply insert your thumbdrive or via smart device and you can select and print your photos swiftly. The colours are vibrant and the quality of the photos comes out looking great!

Step 2 : Checking out the materials. As the theme of the workshop suggests, the print outs given were filled with cute and lovable animals! We will be making a calendar, a bookmark and a door greeting hanger

Step 3 : Planning! Before we start working on our crafts, Gladys and I had a little discussion and did some planning before we laid out the materials nicely on the table. We can't wait to start!! :)

Warm up session! Our Emcees - bubbly hosts Joanne-Marie Sim and Johnny played games with the children and the little ones had fun jumping and stretching out before running back to their parents. We were also honoured to be part of the near 200 pax team to be listed in the Singapore Book of Records making calendars at the same moment! Well Done!

Step 4 : Crafting hour! Time to work on our project! We started personalizing our family's 2014 Calendar by using our initials - B.P.D.G. I helped with the punching of holes while Gladys cut out the designs that she liked. We made use of the foam letters and 3D foam tapes to give our calendar a special touch of 3D effects. Next is putting everything together and make it our very own!

Our Family's 2014 Calendar

"Knock Knock - Who's there?" - Gladys put in her best effort here! Designing the headings and sorting out the colour combination for her very own Door Greeting Hanger. She loves Giraffe and naturally picked it as the animal to welcome her guests. 

I adore the paper craft templates that was showcased and totally in love with the assorted craft ideas at Canon's Creative Park

Gladys' Door Greeting Hanger
Its hanging beautifully on her bedroom door now!

With only 15 minutes left to work on our bookmark, we managed to stick our colourful 'worm' at the top and designed the cover. Simple yet heartening. :)


It was a fun-filled event for Gladys and myself. Thank you Canon and OMY once again for having us and giving us this wonderful opportunity to share a memorable afternoon together and fulfilling our wishes. 


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was there too! Aiyah, next time I see you I will say Hi for sure!

Phoebe said...

ReallY!! We were seated near to the stage! Looking forward to see your posting on the event! ^_^ Hope to see you around in future events!

Unknown said...

The paper crafts look very lovely! What a great Mother-Daughter bonding session. Wish I was there! :)

Unknown said...

Oooooo I've just started a scrap book for my 5 year old and since our old printer has konked out, I've been printing at the neighbourhood photo shop! A new printer may be in order, yes!!

Bryan Choo: said...

I love the worm at the top of the bookmark. That was a nice touch, a book worm!

Unknown said...

Great craft to do with your child! I can't wait to do this with my son (he's only 11 months old).

mummybean said...

A number of friends attended this session. Looks like it was fun!

Phoebe said...

I really enjoyed the session with my girl. Easily spent 3 hours on doing the crafts alone. It was FUN! ^_^

KennPaula Nicolas said...

I wouldn't exchange this kind of bonding moments for work! It's nice to see you and your daughter enjoyed each other's company :-)

Tony Johor Kaki said...

LOL such a meaningful and fruitful way to spend a day together with your dear daughter :D And, now both of you are Singapore Book of Records participants. Cool :D

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