Saturday, July 6, 2013

~ Learn the role of a Lifeguard & Pool Operator ~

Before the end of the June holidays, we were happy to join Sengkang babies in the June holiday programmes organised by Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre. - Learn about the role of a Lifeguard and Pool Operator. 

Role of a Lifeguard

Denver and Gladys put on their big shades and was given a whistle to look like a lifeguard. Don't they look stylish?

Our instructor is a lifeguard himself and he is here to share with the children more about what a lifeguard does and the gears they hold with them. First, we need to know the proper attire to wear and proper hygiene to follow in the pool. No peeing or pooing in the pool and if there is any danger/emergency, spot the lifeguards in Yellow and Red attire which is the international colour. Every lifeguard has a walkie-talkie and a first-aid pouch for them to render first-aid. 

We were then led to a first-aid room where there are more equipments like first-aid box, AED where they can perform CPR to help revive the victims.

If you think being a lifeguard is only sitting down on their high chair and look, then you are absolutely wrong! Lifeguards need carry their float and make routine walks around the pool in an anti-clockwise direction to check for blind spots and dangers. It is not an easy task as they have to work long hours under the hot weather and stay vigilant and be very conscious with whats happening in the pool area at all times. The children took turns to carry the float and walk around the pool scanning for dangers.

We often see the lifeguards as authoritative figures in the swimming pool, whistling out to those who do not observe safety rules in the pool. Never did the kids thought they would have the opportunity to actually sit on their chairs and blow the whistle without having the lifeguards to send them off! 

I believe Denver & Gladys had a better understanding and appreciate the role of a lifeguard after the session. They were given a little star each to write down their thoughts and feelings.

Group photo with our lifeguard cum instructor. 

Role of a Pool Operator

Next, its time to learn more about what a pool operator does. Did you ever wonder how the waters in the pool are being maintained to keep its cleanliness? Everyday, there are so many people visiting the public pools and our pool operating instructor told us there are hairs and various dirty particles in the water. Therefore, the waters in the pool will go to a balancing tank and through the filters to remove the particles.

The water quality in the pool is also measured to ensure that the amount of Chlorine is within the accepted range. The children gets to collect sample, shake the water in the test tube and check against the colour code to see if the Chlorine level is good.

At the end of the session, the kids also share their thoughts on their stars and pinned them up on the wall. 

Another group photo with our instructor.

It has been a very educating experience to bring us more awareness of whats happening in the daily maintenance and operation of the swimming pools so that the public can enjoy the facilities happily and safely. I'm sure the kids learnt a lot and had lots of fun. Thank you Pasir Ris SRCs for inviting us and we hope more children and parents can join this programme to raise their awareness.

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Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Thank you Pasir Ris SRC for the invitation to experience and learn more about the role of a lifeguard & pool operator.

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