Monday, May 6, 2013

~ World of Plants at Gardens by the Bay ~

Gardens By the Bay always intrigue me. Love the beautiful landscape, its unique structures, the Super trees and how the entire garden stands out in the heart of the city. The moment you cross the bridge from Marina Bay Sands, it felt like you have entered another arena.

The Supertrees - as gorgeous as ever and it look charming in the night. 

Cloud Forest and Flower Dome - the Cooled Conservatories. 

Did not have the opportunity to walk on the OCBC skyway but I believe it will be a pretty sight from the top. :)

Ventured into the World of Plants from the Supertree Grove. There are lots more to see and learn about the various natural habitats and plants at the various zones. The World of Palms gives you a comprehensive information about palm leaves and usage of palms for food.

Learn more about decomposers and plants living in the shadows at the Understorey Garden. If you are tired, you can take shelter and sit on the mushroom stools while listening to the sounds made by the crickets.

Fruits & Flowers gives visitors an insight of the various flowering plants that are of many colours, shapes and smell. Walk around the information board to learn more about the fruits, parts of the flower, pollen and many more. It would be great if the area can plant more trees, plants and flowers to brighten up this zone.

Eight of the native Southeast Asia animals are showcased at the Web of Life. The topiary animals woven from Indian Laurel is a cool photography spot.

This gigantic orangutan is my favourite.  You will notice blue bins beside these woven topiary animals. Do not mistaken them for rubbish bins. Turn the handle on top and you can hear the sounds made by these animals.

Further down is the Discovery zone where you get to learn more about the plants millions of years ago in the Triassic/Jurassic age.

As we made our exit from the World of Plants, you probably will notice a prominent and impressive sculpture at The Meadow - Planet. The white infant sculpture, which is a depiction of the artist's son, appears to be floating above the ground.

“To me, Planet is a paradox – hugely heavy, yet the bronze appears weightless; overwhelmingly  big, yet also an image of vulnerability. It is both a reflection of ourselves and the earth upon which we live,” said Quinn.

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We love to bring the children to the Gardens by the Bay soon to check out the various exhibits at the cooled conservatories and also the Garden Rhapsody - a show which we have yet to catch.


LuPorTi said...

Nice place, and it looks to be quite large ya.

Phoebe said...

It is very big. That is only a part of it only. Its a total different sight at night :)

LuPorTi said...

Wow. Cool!

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