Friday, December 28, 2012

~ Pasir Ris Swimming Complex ~

It has been many months since we last visited the pool. The children missed playing in the waters and we decided to fulfill their wishes on Christmas Eve before we mark the end of the school holidays. Hubby drove us to the 'new' Swimming Complex at Pasir Ris. Well, it is new to us as we did not have a chance to visit it until now since its official opening in July 2011. :)

Pasir Ris Swimming Complex
Address: 120 Pasir Ris Central (519640)
Operating Hours: 8.00am - 9.30pm (Thursday to Tuesday & Public Holidays),
*Closed on Wednesdays.
Facilities: 1 Competition Pool, 1 Learner Pool, 1 Wading Pool, 1 Toddlers Pool, 2 Slides, 1 Jacuzzi Pool

It seems like there is a new Tap 'n' Splash card to enter the swimming pool. Ez-link card can also be used.
 Ample of lockers for the public. The toilets and showering rooms are clean too.
Competition Pool

These are our kiddos' favourite spots. Children need to be above 1.2m in order to use the Red and Yellow slides. Gladys is above the height limit, but was not allowed to ride as she is not able to swim.

 Play zone for the children.

 Denver and Gladys relaxing in the Jacuzzi Pool.

We spent the morning soaking ourselves in the waters. The weather was great and the children enjoyed themselves very much. Gladys was extremely reluctant to leave but our tummys were growling. A nice Mac-Double will surely cheer her up! ^_^
Gladys has also expressed her interest to learn swimming and she has been practising waddling and holding her breath in the waters. It is time for our little girl to go for swimming lessons officially. Hopefully we will see her 'competing' with her brother in the pool SOON! 

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