Friday, June 1, 2012

~ Daddy's 4 days survival course with D&G ~

Earlier this week, my inlaws have gone on a well-deserved holiday trip with my brother-in-law's family. Hubby took the week off to look after the children (single-handedly) for the very first time. It was a challenge as Denver & Gladys are always so active and vocal. Not an easy task for hubby as he likes to do his work quietly. I am definitely not surprised with the amount of 'complaints' and 'feedbacks' I am hearing almost every evening when I see them. ^_^

So how did dear daddy managed to pull himself through for the past four days and kept our kiddos happy for their first week of the June Holidays?
Monday - To start the week off, we had breakfast together at Nanyang Polytechnic. Love the food there as not only it is delicious, the price is also very economical! Denver and Gladys were delighted to have western food, supplement with Milo and Teh Terik to start their day! Yummy!

Tuesday - Despite the school holidays, Denver has to attend a Science workshop in school followed by tuition in the evening. Hubby picked him up and took the kids out for a wonderful meal at Pizzahut. Our children love these little treats at anytime of the day! Mommy is feeling jealous already!

Wednesday - It's our kiddos' day out to the zoo with Daddy! Hubby has been updating me their activities and photos through Whatsapp. I am missing out so much FUN!

Primate Affair is hitting the Singapore Zoo from 26 May - 17 June 2012 with fun-filled activities (on Saturday and Sunday only). Children will get to learn about the differences among the various primates and also receive a binocular freebie upon completing their primate adventure (*whilst stocks last).

Even though I am not with them physically, I am glad they were having a splashing fun at the water play and enjoying their tram rides. ^_^

Denver & Gladys had their first peony ride at the zoo!

More yummy treats - Cupcakes and Durian pancakes!

I am delighted to see my dearies picking me up from work. They missed me and I missed them too! We drove down to town to enjoy some family time together with Mommy! We popped by to the Singapore Book Fair (25th May - 3rd June) and spotted 喜羊羊 and 灰太狼!

Our day ended with a special dinner treat at Secret Recipe with Hubby's groupon voucher.

Hubby was exhausted as it has been a whole day affair. One more day to go and Mommy will be back in the team! ^_^

Thursday - It was a relatively quiet day as Hubby needs to do some work. The children did their homework in the morning and they headed down to Compass Point for lunch plus a short visit to the library.

Coincidentally, Denver & Gladys met Spidey who is there for a meet & greet session!   

"The Amazing Spider-man" is not hitting the cinemas yet but we went to catch a movie with "The Men-In-Black 3"!

Our children had so much fun and goodies everyday that they asked Daddy - "Where are we going tomorrow?" -__- Daddy "survived" and had a deeper understanding how tough it was for my inlaws to look after our active and chatty children. :p Who says Daddy cannot do a good job looking after children? Hubby just did and it was an amazing and special 4 days interaction between our children with their father.

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