Friday, July 1, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 3 (Part 2) ~

14th June, 12:05 PM - Reindeer Cruiser. More rides awaits us! Similar to the Rio Float, the reindeer took us around First World Plaza. Denver said it looks a bit scary since it is running along a single track. :)

12:20PM - Mini Train. Further ahead is the mini-train station which will make it's rounds in a small loop. The children likes to ring the bell which is at every other seating. Come to think of it, this is our first time taking this ride.

12:30PMVenice Gondola. Keen on taking on a 'romantic' cruise around? Hop on to the Venice Gondola. Gladys don't like the fake 'uncle' who is steering the boat at the back as it looked scary. hehehe.

1:00PM - We had a pretty late lunch and I am famished! Nasi Lemak for me and a big bowl of porridge for the kids and Daddy who is not hungry.

1:15PMArchery. Near the foodcourt, there is an indoor archery range. This is not inclusive of the all day unlimited rides and so we paid a few RM for Denver to have a go with it. Initially he had some difficulty positioning the arrow on the bow, but managed to get use to it after a few tries. Shooting the arrow on the the target itself requires strength and skill and that will depends on how Denver can control and manage it. Well, he didn't fare too badly. :)

1:45PM - Ferris Wheel. After completing most of the indoor rides, Gladys wanted to go to the outdoor theme park for more rides. She started throwing tantrum again when we did not bring her. 

2:30PM - Balloon Ride. To 'compensate' Gladys, the children had ice-cream treats and on top of that, Gladys gets to take the Balloon ride. :) To enjoy the ride, a minimum purchase of RM30 from the promotional booths will be entitled to redeem 1 ride token. A point to note is this ride is only for children between 3 to 11 years and not weighing more than 30kg. Meaning to say, Denver cannot participate as he has exceeded the maximum weight limit. :( Nevertheless, he was just as happy nbot to be lifted up and keeping his foot on the ground, slurping his ice-cream away.

Meanwhile, Gladys is all set and being buckled up with the help of many big brothers around her. :) Was she nervous/scared?? She looked excited to me as she chatted happily with the crew members.

She is ready to take off! On your mark, get set, Up Up Up she goes!

She went up, got pulled down with the help of the crew and float up again. It sure looked FUN! This is truly a rare experience for her. It's a good thing that Gladys has a brave heart and not afraid of heights.

3:15PM - Arcade Games. As promised, we took Denver for another round of games at the arcade. We spent another RM100 topping up the EziCash card for both to play. In return, we got lots of tickets in exchange for pens, pencil box, sand art, booklet etc.

Gladys on the other hand is determine to win a prize on the spinning wheel. She was disappointed when the pin didn't land on the winning slot. We tried a few times and guess what, she finally won a medium prize at our very last attempt! Thank goodness! The prize was a big, blue Mickey Mouse hand for her to cuddle. She was SO happy that she tugs it with her tightly and would not let go.

6:00PM - It's getting late and we met up with Bbil's family to have our dinner at the Mushroom Farm. Dining in Genting is rather expensive since it is a tourist spot. Hence, we will always visit the restaurant at the Mushroom Farm (about 5 mins drive away from Genting) which provides a cheaper dining option for us. The restaurant also provides free mini-van ferry services, picking up customers from the hotel lobby. After dinner, you can take the similar mini van back to the hotel lobby. (Number to call for pickup: +03 6101 2864)

After our dinner, the children saw a slight 'commotion' outside. Popping and smacking sound everywhere and some even had sparkles on the ground. The children spotted people throwing some thing on the ground causing the loud pop but did not know what it was.

Those are Pop pop Snappers which is banned in Singapore as it is not safe. The bits of papers left overs are also not cleaned up. Still, it was indeed an eye-opener for Denver & Gladys.

Sun rise vs Sun set in Genting

8:00PM - Flying Dragon. Our last ride for today! I must emphasize that Daddy and Mommy are not fans of roller-coasters. Unfortunately, our kids are. Denver wanted to try some roller coaster rides since morning and this is the only one available as part of the Indoor rides. Amazingly, Gladys is also game to take on this challenge, not knowing exactly what to expect.

So all the 4 of us hopped on to the Flying Dragon excitedly. I sat with Denver while Daddy partner with Gladys. Daddy gave our little girl a final tip to scream out loud if she feels scared and hold on tightly at all times!

We are ready and off we go!!! We took off from the indoor station and the Dragon swift us through multiple turns in the outdoor. It was night time already and I'm feeling extra cold as the speedy, swirling ride took us through and back to the station. We all shouted throughout the ride and this was not the end. The children wanted a second ride! So here we go again.... for the second time. We could have gone for the third round if it's isn't the fact that we were rushing for our 4D Motion Master show which is starting very soon!

8:30PM - 4D Motion Master. The Pirate Story, our last show for tonight which I prefer over the Robot of Mars. Gladys already fell asleep in the middle of the show and we dragged our tired feet back to the hotel.

9:30PM - We are finally back in our room to complete our packing as we will be heading to Ipoh tomorrow! Good Night!

To be continued....

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