Friday, March 14, 2014

~ Gardens by the Bay - War of Roses ~

Last weekend, our family was delighted to be invited into the Flower Dome. Thanks to Gardens by the Bay's friendly and knowledgeable guide, Mihkkaail Ng, the children and I learnt a lot more about the structure of the Flower Dome and also the plants residing within.

It was a pleasant walk around the Flower Dome with the children listening and asking Mihkkaail questions. Mihkkaail shared a lot on why the shape of the Dome was curved, the usage of the darkened window panes at the top, the temperature flow within the Dome and not forgetting many facts of the plants and his personal experiences.

Gladys touching the plant and feeling its texture. 

The Monkey Puzzle Tree - Denver recognized this tree almost instantly as he recalls learning from his father that this tree is so spiky that it will puzzle the monkeys to climb.

Lovely Kangaroo Paw Plants - an Australian native plant which is vividly coloured. 

The main highlight in the gardens is the Roses. Sweet scene filled the air as we arrived at the flower beds. Do you know that each colour of a rose holds a different meaning?

A Yellow Rose represents "Joy". 

A Pink Rose represents "Admiration".

A Red Rose represents "Love"

 War of Roses Display. Knights galloping on the field.

 My lovely angels

It was a pity Hubby was not able to join us as he was tied up with work. Nevertheless, my lovely duo kept me company and we had a wonderful afternoon date with the roses.

War of Roses Floral Display will be at the Flower Dome from now till 6th April 2014. For more information, visit Gardens by the Bay website.

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