Saturday, March 1, 2014

~ Chingay procession in the Heartlands ~

Chingay (妆艺) is a vibrant, multi-cultural street extravaganza, held annually during the Chinese New Year period. The parade is filled with dancers, street floats, musical and more. In order to enable Singaporeans to enjoy and be part of the celebrations, Chingay continued its procession to the heartlands.

Last Saturday, crowds gathered along the roads in Sengkang awaiting for the fleet of floats to arrive. Everyone had their phones and cameras ready hoping to capture the best moments. After-all, it was a rare opportunity to be up close with these gigantic floats.

It was the first time Denver and Gladys are admiring these floats at such close proximity and they love it. If only the roads were closed and everyone can be on the dance floor. :)

Seeing the parade on TV definitely feels a lot different from seeing it for yourself. Loving the atmosphere! The entire street came alive instantly as if we were in a Carnival of Lights.

Loving this float portraying Singapore's iconic dragon playground.

We were so close to the floats!

Many families came down after their dinner to be part of the celebration which lasted through the night. We love the Chingay parade and hope to see more of them coming to the heartlands where everyone can join in the fun.

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