Tuesday, March 18, 2014

~ Exploring i Light 2014 along Marina Bay - Route B ~

Last Sunday, I brought the kids to Marina Bay to explore the light installations at i Light 2014. It then occur to me that the last time we brought the kids to see the lights was in 2010! Its definitely great to be back here again.

We started our journey from Esplanade, crossed the Helix bridge, admired the view along Marina Bay Sands and finally ending our walk at Promenade. The entire walk took us more than 2 hours but the kids enjoyed checking out what's install at each station. 

B6 - Giant Dandelion : It was a pity that the rain kept us away from the dandelions. We can only admire it from the barricades. 

B5 - The Wheels of Industry : The faster you pedal, the brighter it shines. 

B4 - ScribbleDribbleQuibble : Graffiti on the wall time! Except this is done on the screen and projected onto the wall. Denver & Gladys had fun drawing pigs and amusing themselves. 

B3 - Tic-Tac-Toe : The biggest and brightest 3D Tic Tac Toe game. 2 players competing to win by getting 3 in a row. The games gets tougher with 27 cubes instead of 9. 

B9 - Cloud : This is one of the most popular installation. Unfortunately, it seems to stop working after the rain soaked in. With the barricades surrounding the installation, the kids and I were disappointed and can only move on to the next display. :(

B10 - 1.26 Singapore : Love the colours of the floating net against Singapore skyline. Didn't manage to get a clear shot for this one though.

B11 - Digital Wattle : 

B14 - Celebration of Life : We were mesmerized by the 3D projection on the ArtScience Museum. The show time is at every 15 minutes interval from 8:15pm till 10:45pm. 

We missed some installations but we continued moving with more fun and surprises awaits us at iLight 2014 - Route A.

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