Sunday, March 2, 2014

~ DIY Marvel Superhero Ice-cream Stick Bookmark ~

This is my first non-travel and food related post. Apart from blogging and photography, one of my greatest passion that has followed me through childhood till now is Art and Craft. I love to draw and my favourite subject during school day is ART.

When there's time to spare, I love to doodle and make things with my kids. Hence, I would like to share some of my personal craft work with other parents so they can do it with their children too. ^_^

Some time ago, I DIY a Spidey bookmark and gave it to Gladys. My kids love it and the response was really encouraging. Today, I decided to make more Superhero theme bookmarks.

Materials : ice-cream sticks, pencil, colour pens/pencils and markers. 

Using a pencil, I sketched my design on the ice-cream. Use a black marker to outline the design and apply colours on the ice-cream stick using markers and colour pens/pencils.

Let your imagination flows and you can create your personal bookmark. It can be Disney or Princess theme too. 

Denver and Gladys love the bookmarks and it did not take them too long for them to pick their favourite. :)

Spend a little time and you can create Marvel with ice-cream sticks.
Which is your favourite design?


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